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Maldivian Recipes


Pirini is such a special dessert that's really, really delicious and super simple to make. We just love it!

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Chicken Biriyani

Our version of the chicken biriyani is rather old school with no packaged biriyani spice mixes.

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Masroshi with black tea, that's all you need for a great afternoon. Try out our quick and simple recipe.

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Kulhi Mas

We can eat kulhimas all day long! Our recipe is super quick and simple. Feel free to kick up the chili a notch.

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Nothing beats a good masbaiy with theluli rihaakuru. Our version uses coconut milk and we really like the creaminess it brings.

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Miruhulee Kukulhu

Maldives miruhulee kukulhu chicken curry

Our version of the Maldivian Miruhulee Kukulhu. Yes it's loaded with chilli, but it's also pleasantly creamy and coconuty.

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Oatmeal Kulhi Boakibaa

In the mood for some kulhi boakibaa? Using oatmeal instead of rice makes this quick and easy to prepare. And you don't need to bake this in an oven, you can simply make it over the stove.

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Muguriha or dhal curry, the staple that goes so well with almost everything. Our version is a slightly liquidy one which you can have ‘modegen,’ but if you wish for a drier version, just cut down on some of the water.

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Mas Riha

This fish curry recipe uses a little bit of the old school Maldivian curry making techniques. But its still quick and easy enough for busy home cooks.

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