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Maldivian Recipes

Boakuri Falho

Boakuri Falho is one of the best sweet treats around. Make a large batch and share with your family and friends!

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Rihaakuru Dhiya

One of our all time favourites Rihaakuru Dhiya. Too good with bambukeyo baiy, thelli faiy, maskurolhi and fihunumas.

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Here's our recipe for the ever tasty and ever useful Lonumirus. Our version is quite easy to make too. So do check it out.

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Tomato Rice

Yes, this very delicious and spicy rice dish is all about tomatoes, but it's the Rihaakuru that brings it home. Check it out.

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Easy Chicken Curry

Here's a really easy recipe for chicken curry, perfect for those times when you feel like going easy.

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Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, that's how we like our Kavaabu. Check out our recipe.

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Dhonkeyo Kaju

Do you call it dhonkeyo kajuru or dhonkeyo kaju? Anyway, these little tea time goodies are pretty straightforward to make.

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Theluli Rihaakuru

These days, the weather is just right for some theluli rihaakuru, roshi and a hot cup of kalhusai.

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Maalhoskeylu Hiki Riha

Been a while since we last had some Maalhos Keyo, so we made this quick & easy and very yummy dry curry.

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Kiru Boakibaa

Our Kiru Boakibaa is made with coconut milk, ground rice and a whole lot of aromatic raanbaa and spices.

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