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Maldivian Recipes


Here's our take on preparing the very beautiful and very purple banana flower, or boashi as we call it here in the Maldives.

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Muranga Fathu Riha

Been a while since we last had some Muranga Fathu Riha. So, we made some and it turned out quite yummy.

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Baked Beans Keemiya

We make some delicious baked beans keemiya with Garden Fresh Premium Quality Baked Beans.

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Riha Folhi

Riha folhi and kalhusai, doesn't that sound really good? We've made the recipe detailed enough for total newbies.

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For this week's new recipe we have the sweet, comforting, nostalgic and delicious Suji. It's also actually really easy to make.

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Havaadhulee Bis

The best eggs are the ones covered in havaadhu. Don't you agree? Also, we've explained this recipe in real detail, so it's good for newbies.

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Another one you could use for a maahefun. Whether you have it with baiypen or roshi, Maskurolhi always tastes delicious.

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Bambukeyo Bondibai

We like bondibai in general. But of all the types of bondibai that we have here, bambukeyo bondibai is definitely our favourite.

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Dhon Anbu Riha

Sweet, sour and spicy, Dhon Anbu Riha or Maldivian Ripe Mango Curry is just one of the many reasons why we love the mango season.

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Roast Paan

We like eating Roast Paan hot off the stove with a cup of black tea. Our version is not that sweet, so just add some sugar if you want to.

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