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Tropical Mocktail

Hot weather calls for a refreshing cool drink. This tropical mocktail is just that; it takes just a few minutes of your time and only a few ingredients as well.

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Potato Wedges

The best type of potato wedges is those that are super crunchy on the outside but as soft as clouds on the inside. 

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Creamy Beef Sausage Linguine

This beef sausage linguine is a creamy, saucy and a cozy meal you could prepare without much effort, but still would be a hit crowd pleaser.

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Granola Bars

These granola bars are the perfect healthy snack that will give you the energy boost and nutrients you need in the mornings.

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Iced Strawberry Chocolate

This is a great way to spice up your basic chocolate milk at home, with only a few ingredients and steps.

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Egg Salad Crackers

Egg salad has to be one of the easiest dishes to make out there. Here we have egg salad turned into a quick snack that you could serve at parties or gatherings.

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Latest from our Blog

Jun 2024

Momos from Momos & Faloodas

If you’re a fan of momos (and if you haven’t already), then you should definitely check out the
Jun 2024

Chicken Teriyaki by Boons Bistro

If you're looking for a tasty, filling lunch (or even dinner) option, then the recently opened Boons
May 2024

Traditional Breakfast Dishes

Maldivian breakfast is definitely a savoury affair. Like most of our foods, the basis of our breakfa
May 2024

Eclectic Flavours at Clay Studio Café

We recently visited Clay Studio Cafe', a delightful, relatively new restaurant in Hulhumale’.
May 2024

Dinner at Island Kitchen by Ellies

For our Eating Out article series this time, we drop by Island Kitchen by Ellies – part of the Ell
May 2024

For the Love of Cheesecake

If you’re a fan of cheesecake, then we’ve got the list for you! 
Apr 2024

All Things Papaya in Maldivian Cuisine

We’re back with one of our Maldivian Food Culture articles and this time, we’re talking all thin
Apr 2024

Baklava by Cake and Cream

Getting baklava in the Maldives is not the easiest of feats.
Apr 2024

Meltz Hulhumale’ – Where Everything’s Good

We check out Meltz Hulhumale’ – and part of the Meltz chain of restaurants.
Apr 2024

11 Different Recipes for Eid Lunch

11 recipes which will surely make your tabletop stand out.

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