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Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding is a yummy dessert made with bread, butter, sugar, milk and eggs. Our version also has chocolate and raisins in it along with a dash of cinnamon.

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So happy to be finally sharing our zileybi recipe as we’ve been receiving so many requests for this over the years.

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Chicken Kottu Paratha

We love a good spicy kottu, especially when it sits in the sweet spot between soggy and dry.

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iMee Spicy Sausage Noodles

There are plenty reasons to love noodles. They are usually quick and easy to prepare, they are almost always comforting, and they usually taste really, really delicious.

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Sausage Fried Rice

A quick, easy, yet very flavourful fried rice recipe for busy times.

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Chilli Paste Noodles

Quick and yummy noodle dishes are the best! And here we have the recipe for a really delicious noodles that’s made with canned tuna and chilli paste.

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Latest from our Blog

Jun 2023

Feasting at Som Tam Thai

If you’re looking for authentic Thai food in Male’ City, look no further than Som Tam Thai!
May 2023

Aysha’s Low Calorie Journey

We have a chat with Aysha of popular Instagram page Low Calorie.Mv.
May 2023

11 Dessert Recipes to Try

We’ve compiled a list of desserts with options that can work for any occasion.
May 2023

Herbs and Leaves in Maldivian Cuisine

We have a look at the most commonly used greens in Maldivian cooking.
May 2023

Pizza Mia – Bigger and Better!

Long overdue visit to the famed ‘Qualita Originale’ pizza place.
Apr 2023

Angry Mongo by Angry Chef

Delicious and great value for money, if you’re looking for dinner options for two or more people.
Apr 2023

Fitr Eid Food Culture in the Maldives

We have a look at the Maldivian food culture surrounding Fitr Eid.
Apr 2023

16 Recipes to Try This Ramadan

A selection of easy and delicious recipes for you to try this Ramadan! 
Apr 2023

Practice the Art of Giving this Ramadan

Ways you can help provide a meal to someone in need this Ramadan.
Apr 2023


We have a look at the Maldivian tradition of Tharaavees dhamu keun.

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