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Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are soft and moist and when you bite into them, they crumble in your mouth in the most satisfying of ways.

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Aluvi Sambol

Whether you are having a Dhivehi Keun or roshi with curry, some Aluvi Sambol can certainly make the meal better.

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Chicken Dumplings

These pan-fried dumplings (or potstickers or momos) have a juicy umami packed chicken filling enclosed in a slightly crispy wrapper.

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Theluli Mushimas

Maldivians usually prepare it by first slathering it with spices and then deep frying it until crunchy. It’s then devoured whole, bones and all.

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Chocolate Mousse

A chocolate mousse recipe that’s light and airy but still chocolaty and creamy. And all it takes is a bit of dark chocolate, icing sugar, a dash of coffee and a whole lot of whipping cream.

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Cinnamon Lemon Iced Tea

A tall glass of iced lemon tea is a hot weather classic. But add some cinnamon to it and things go to a whole new level.

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Latest from our Blog

Nov 2022

Low Calories.Mv: High Flavour, Low Calories

If you’re looking for a healthy teatime snack, we recommend you try Low Calorie.Mv
Nov 2022

Dinner Spots for Your Next Date Night

We’ve put together for you a list of date night spots for you, from both Male’ and Hulhumale’.
Nov 2022

All-New Japanese Restaurant Sushi-Zu

We check out the newly opened Sushi-Zu restaurant in Male’.
Nov 2022

Foodness by Saa

We interviewed ‘food influencer’ Samaahath who runs the Foodness by Saa pages on Instagram.
Oct 2022

Breakfast Places from Around Male’ City

Our picks for Male' City's best breakfast places.
Oct 2022

Kanamadhu, the Sea Almond

Kanamadhu or sea almond is perhaps the most used nut in the Maldivian cuisine.
Oct 2022

Your Friendly Neighbourhood, ‘Island Butcher’

Fresh meat is a rare commodity in the Maldives, but not anymore, readers!
Oct 2022

Coconut & Bondi Gelato by all-new Iceto

Loving this coconut gelato with coconut candy bits.
Oct 2022

Biriyaniu – Bagels, Pizza, Ice Cream and More!

We have a chat with Yaniu who runs the popular 'Biriyaniu' Instagram food page.
Sep 2022

Tres Leches Cake by Crumbs

We try the tres leches cake by Crumbs and we’re loving it! 

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