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Thai Iced Tea

Sweet, milky and mildly spiced, Thai Iced tea is as refreshing as it’s delicious.

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Oatmeal Muffins

Not only are these oatmeal muffins quick and easy to make, they are so much healthier than regular wheat-based muffins and equally as scrumptious. Serve these for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

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Beef Biryani

Here’s a quick and easy biryani recipe for your next feast.

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Spicy Chicken Nachos

These nachos are a sure win for your next get together.

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Tuscan Chicken Linguine

Pan seared chicken breast served on top of creamy ribbons of pasta, this is a dinner worth every effort.

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Kukulhu Garudhiya

Kukulhu Garudhiya is a flavourful broth that’s made with chicken and a handful of ingredients.

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Latest from our Blog

Nov 2023

STO holds Ankara Night

STO last night held an event titled ‘Ankara Night’ to promote Ankara brand pasta, which is sold
Nov 2023

Breadventures with Paan Kaan

For our Love this Dish article this month, we tried out some bread-y goodness from Instagram food pa
Nov 2023

All Things Sushi & Kimbap with Elisha’s Deli

For our interview article this time, we sit with Elisha Haleem of Elisha's Deli.
Nov 2023

MHA Mart opens in Hulhumale’

MHA Mart at Raincrest Residence on Moonimaa Magu.
Oct 2023

Finding Sushi

Everyone knows where you can get some sushi in Male’/Hulhumale’.
Oct 2023

Indonesian Flavours from Santi’s Kitchen

For this time’s Love this Dish article, we tried authentic Indonesian food from Santi's Kitchen.
Oct 2023

TGR: A Multi-Cuisine Foodie Haven

Recently, we tried out TGR – The Garden Restaurant – a relatively-new multi-cuisine restaurant i
Oct 2023

Maldivian Snacks - Mas Kaashi

From all the Maldivian snacks, perhaps the most well-loved is mas kaashi.
Oct 2023

Navigating Restaurants with Chef Deen Mendis

This month, we have a chat with Chef Deen Mendis who has crafted the menu for some well-known restau
Sep 2023

Beachstro - Cosy Bistro by the Beach

For our Eating Out article this time, we checked out Beachstro – a small café and bistro at Hulhu

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