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Mac and Cheese

This creamy and cheesy stove top Mac and Cheese recipe can be whipped up in less than half an hour.

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Bambukeyolee Baiy

Here we have the recipe for one of the most popular local rice dishes, Bambukeyolee Baiy. It’s a simple dish; rice is cooked with breadfruit and coconut milk.

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Valhomas Pasta

This is a Maldives style spicy pasta dish you can whip up in no time. Save it for one of those busy days.

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Valhomas Vermicelli

This Valhomas Vermicelli made with rice vermicelli noodles is a quick and easy meal perfect for mid-week lunches and dinners.

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Coffee Biscuit Pudding

Here's a recipe for a coffee flavoured biscuit pudding, and it’s quickly become our favourite from the biscuit pudding recipes we’ve published so far.

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Saagu Bondibaiy

Sago pearls cooked with sugar, pandan, coconut milk and rosewater. You can replace the coconut milk with condensed milk too.

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Latest from our Blog

Aug 2022

Handoo: Cooking Rice the Maldivian Way

Like most Asian countries, rice is a staple ingredient in the Maldivian cuisine as well.
Jul 2022

Hanbun: Teacher, Baker and Juice Maker

We have a chat with confectionery instructor, baker, and juice maker Hanaan Mohamed.
Jul 2022

Lunch Options from Male’ City

We’ve put together a list of our tried and tested lunch options from around Male’ City.
Jul 2022

Beef Sub from Jen’s Kitchen

It's one of the best sandwiches around. Read on to find out why.
Jul 2022

Everything Fish in Maldivian Cuisine

We look at the different fish used in Maldivian cuisine and the dishes made from them.
Jul 2022

Meringue Roulade by Raza’s Kitchen

Perfect for a celebration or even just a fancy tea with friends.
Jun 2022

Chef Mazim: A Rising Star at Four Seasons

We have a chat with Ahmed Mazim, chef de partie at Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru.
Jun 2022

Cosy Dining at Ellie’s Cuisine

Ellie’s Cuisine is a great choice for a relaxed evening out with loved ones.
Jun 2022

Golha Riha – Specialty from Laamu Atoll

This week, we are exploring a local specialty from one of the southern atolls, golha riha.
Jun 2022

Korean Fried Chicken Burger at Thyme

We are loving Thyme's Korean Fried Chicken Burger.

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