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Fuh Jehi Kavaabu

These batter fried tuna and potato balls are a Ramadan favourite here in the Maldives.

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Kopee Fathu Satani

Kopee Faiy is combined with rihaakuru, onion, lime, chilli and grated coconut for this punchy sambal type dish.

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Pizza Toast

Pizza toast delivers the goodness of a pizza for a fraction of the effort and time.

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Bis Boakibaa

Bis Boakibaa is like a thick tuna omelette and is one of the easiest tea time snacks ever.

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Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken packs quite a bit of a flavour punch. It’s sweet, sour, savoury and most of all spicy.

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Kulhi Kaajaa

Kulhi Kaajaa is a spicy local snack that’s prepared by deep frying spicy pieces of dough.

Read more: Kulhi Kaajaa

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Dheema, a true food diva

We interview popular food blogger Aminath Dheema Hamid.
Mar 2021

Noodles got exciting!

Some yummy noodle options from the greater Male’ area.
Feb 2021

9 Chicken Curry Recipes

9 ways to cook a chicken curry. Which one would you choose?
Feb 2021

The incredibly delicious Don’s Fiery Chicken

One of the best roast chickens we’ve had in a long time.
Feb 2021

The most romantic of foods

We have a look at some foods that’s always been associated with romance and passion.

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