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Kashikeyo Kan’dhi

Dessert drink made with screwpine fruit, ground rice, sugar & coconut milk.

Read more: Kashikeyo Kan’dhi

Spaghetti Bolognese

Cooking for long on low heat is the key to making this flavourful tomato based meat sauce.

Read more: Spaghetti Bolognese

Kashikeyo Cake

A moist kashikeyo (screwpine fruit) flavoured cake with a simple kashikeyo topping.

Read more: Kashikeyo Cake

Masburi Riha

For this week’s new recipe we’ve attempted to make the all so spicy and legendary Masburi Riha.

Read more: Masburi Riha

Rose Tres Leches Cake

A simple rose flavoured sponge cake soaked in a rose flavoured three milk mixture and topped with whipped cream.

Read more: Rose Tres Leches Cake

Lonumirus Rihaakuru

Some folks calls this ‘havaadhulee rihaakuru’ while others consider this another version of ‘theluli rihaakuru’.

Read more: Lonumirus Rihaakuru

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Sep 2020

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Recipes for three versions of the lovely 'musamma' curry.
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We interview Zeen of Zeen's Cuisine.
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HPA, RAM & home food businesses

HPA's announcement about penalizing unregistered home food businesses and the events that followed.
Aug 2020

Beginner Baking Recipes

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Aug 2020

Finding Dumplings in Male’

What dumplings are and how to get them in Male', Maldives.
Aug 2020

Little Bali MV’s beef rendang

Little Bali MV's beef rendang is spicy, flavourful and wonderful.
Aug 2020

Street Food: Latin America

Here's something to watch, Netflix's Street Food: Latin America.
Aug 2020

Trending now: Basque burnt cheesecake

What it is and where you can get it from.
Jul 2020

Rice Dishes for Eid

Three rice recipes that can be as special this Eid as the customary chicken curry.

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