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Devilled Sausage

This is a quick and easy sausage recipe you can make any time you have some sausages on hand.

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Cheesy Beef Nachos

The cheese is gooey, the meat sauce is flavourful and spicy. The salsa gives it freshness and the chimmichuri sauce makes it herby and tangy.

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Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is something we usually associate with eating out. But there are some really good advantages to preparing it at home.

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Peanut Butter Noodles

This simple noodle dish is nutty, spicy and packed with umami flavour. Serve it straight off the stove with a soft-boiled egg.

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Chilli Paste

Make a batch of this chilli paste and keep it in your fridge. Whether you are having rice, roshi, noodles or something else, it’s a great addition to have on hand.

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Baked BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

This recipe is for those times you crave the smoky outdoor BBQ taste but all you have is an oven.

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Latest from our Blog

Feb 2023

Traditional Lunch Dishes

We take a look at traditional Maldivian lunch dishes loved and eaten in households even now.
Jan 2023

Soraya – Home-Made Traditional Delicacies

Soraya is a popular Instagram page, well-known for home-made traditional Maldivian food.
Jan 2023

Healthy Eating in Male’

We’ve curated a small list of healthy dishes you can order from around Male'.
Jan 2023

Bianco Coffee & Eatery: Dark Brews, Light Bites

We recently tried out Bianco Coffee & Eatery, a small café space near Galolhu Stadium.
Jan 2023

Hawwan Cakes’ Buttercream Bonanza

We have a chat with Hawwa Suzan, or Hawwan as she is known, of Hawwan Cakes.
Dec 2022

Food Moments from 2022

We  take a look back at some notable Maldivian food scene moments and our own milestones from 2022.
Dec 2022

Maldivian Snacks – Part I

We take a look at some traditional Maldivian snacks, enjoyed by the young and old alike.  
Dec 2022

Tarts by Tart for You

We recently tried out tarts from Tart for You and boy, was it good! 
Dec 2022

Papa Sam’s – The Father of Good Food!

We tried out some delicious food from Papa Sam's in Hulhumale’.
Dec 2022

Haalu Folhi from Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhuffushi

Haalu folhi is a thin and crispy crepe-like delicacy from the Maldives. 

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