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Kaaliyaa Birinjee

Kaaliyaa Birinjee, the spice infused aromatic rice made creamy by coconut milk.

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Bashi Musamma

For this week’s new recipe we have a really lovely curry made with stuffed eggplants.

Read more: Bashi Musamma

Cornflour Kiruboakibaa

A quick cornflour & coconut milk boakibaa that's smooth, light, delicious and refreshing.

Read more: Cornflour Kiruboakibaa

Masdhalhu Masbaiy

A quick & easy Masbaiy recipe with canned tuna; ready in just 30 minutes.

Read more: Masdhalhu Masbaiy

Valhomas Kirugarudhiya

This time we have the most ordinary of Kirugarudhiyas; the one made with just Valhomas.

Read more: Valhomas Kirugarudhiya

Rihaakuru Boakibaa

Making Rihaakuru Boakibaa is quite simple. Remember to taste test before putting it in the oven.

Read more: Rihaakuru Boakibaa

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Oct 2019

Matching pasta shapes to sauces

Pasta shapes and the sauces that go with them.
Oct 2019

Lunching at The Wave

We head down to The Wave, one of Male's newest restaurants.
Oct 2019

It’s very Dhivehi at the Rahafaiy Café

We drop by Rahafaiy Cafe' in Henveiru for some delicious local food.
Oct 2019

4 ideas for a great lunch feast

Throw an impressive lunch feast and invite some people over.

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