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Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta

This creamy tomato pasta comes together quite easily and comes with a bit of heat.

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Baked Chicken Pasta

This baked chicken pasta recipe is spicy and cheesy, flavoured with onion, garlic, tomato, bell pepper, chilli and oregano.

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Valhomas Kulhi Riha

Serve this super easy smoked tuna curry with some fresh Maldivian flat bread roshi.

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Honey Cake

This honey syrup soaked honey cake is deliciously soft with subtle hints of ginger and orange. And you can really taste the honey in it because the cake is sweetened only with honey.

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Bis Cutlets

Here we have the recipe for one of our favourite hedhikaas, Bis Cutlets, or Bis Cutlas if you prefer to spell it that way.

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Crumpy French Toast

These Crumpy French Toasts are filled with Crumpy Dark Chocolate Spread, coated with an egg and milk mixture, toasted in butter and then coated again in a cinnamon sugar mixture.

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Latest from our Blog

Mar 2023

Haaru – Maldivian Suhoor

‘Suhoor’ – or haaru in Dhivehi – is the pre-dawn meal eaten during Ramadan.
Mar 2023

Maahefun – A Truly Maldivian Tradition

We have a look at Maahefun, the unique Maldivian tradition that takes place before Ramadan.
Mar 2023

The Islander Chef – Adam Schihab

We have a sit down with Ahmed Schihab, a renowned global chef from the Maldives.
Mar 2023

The Best Dirty Fries with CRNCH

If you’re craving something indulgent and hearty, then you’ll love the dirty fries by CRNCH.
Feb 2023


A traditional Maldivian medicinal snack, typically given to women during their postpartum period.
Feb 2023

Turkish Döner by SiVAS 58

We checked out SiVAS 58 in Male’ City which serves authentic Turkish Döner.
Feb 2023

Wilee Ali – Cookie Connoisseur

We chat with Wilee Ali – cookie connoisseur and owner of the first ever cookies-only shop in the M
Feb 2023

Traditional Lunch Dishes

We take a look at traditional Maldivian lunch dishes loved and eaten in households even now.
Jan 2023

Soraya – Home-Made Traditional Delicacies

Soraya is a popular Instagram page, well-known for home-made traditional Maldivian food.
Jan 2023

Healthy Eating in Male’

We’ve curated a small list of healthy dishes you can order from around Male'.

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