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Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Here we have a simple baked chicken drumsticks recipe. Make it as spicy as you want and use any dried herbs you have on hand.

Read more: Baked Chicken Drumsticks


Quite a lot of work goes into making the shorteat we call the Roll, but in the end it's always so worth it.

Read more: Rolls

Kanamadhu Cake

Our Kanamadhu Cake recipe is quite simple and you won’t be needing any special equipment to prepare it.

Read more: Kanamadhu Cake

Barabo Baiy

This pumpkin rice is so good with 'rihaakuru dhiya'. Just add in the usual goodies like 'lonumirus' and 'valhomas'.

Read more: Barabo Baiy

Mugu Kavaabu

We already have a kavaabu recipe here on Lonumedhu. And now here’s the kavaabu variety that’s made with yellow lentils.

Read more: Mugu Kavaabu

Rihaakuru Fathafolhi

Rihaakuru together with grated coconut, spices and ground rice makes this punchy tea time snack.

Read more: Rihaakuru Fathafolhi

Latest from our Blog

Nov 2020

The versatile pumpkin

In this article we put the spotlight on the beloved ‘barabo.’
Nov 2020

Hungry Chimp’s Cashew-Nut Chicken

It's tasty and delivers good value for money.
Nov 2020

Milk and Yolk: homemade & wholesome

We chat with Aesha about her granola & breakfast products brand Milk and Yolk.
Nov 2020

Around the world with Noodle House

Noodle House makes a pho-nomenal pho!
Oct 2020

Top posts from year 3!

We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary!
Oct 2020

Mamak’s Chilli Kotthu

Another yummy number on our Love This Dish series.
Oct 2020

What’s better than butter?

Butter is probably the most flavourful of fats.
Oct 2020

Jazz Cafe’s TGF Donuts

We put the spotlight on The Guilty Farudhee Donuts from Jazz Cafe’.
Sep 2020

Chef’s Table: BBQ

Here's something to watch: Netflix's Chef's Table: BBQ
Sep 2020

Three Musamma Curries

Recipes for three versions of the lovely 'musamma' curry.

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