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Paan Boakibaa

We baked a Paan Boakibaa and it turned out so creamy and delicious. Check out our recipe.

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Fuh Gulha

Fuh Gulha, the delicious fried dough balls stuffed with tuna, so good with a cup of black tea.

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Kulhlhafilaafathu Satani

Whether you call it mashuni or satani, it's one of our favourite roadhaveella gadi dishes.

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Aveli, another sweet and also somewhat crunchy treat not to be missed at Maahefun.

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Honey Fried Bananas

Quick & simple Honey Fried Bananas made with Langnese Pure Bee Honey Golden Clear.

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For this week's new recipe we have the Maahefun staple Maafuh; making it is pretty straightforward.

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Recipe of the Week: Faloodha



Lonumedhu Feature: Fusing Flavours: Baked by Nau

So, have you guys heard about BAKED by Nau? In case you haven’t yet, it is an online bakery run of course by Nau; and if you have a look at BAKED by Nau’s very pretty feed on Instagram your eyes will thank you and it’s possible that you’ll crave cake.

We caught up with Nau to have a chat about her baking business. We talked about a lot of things including how she got into baking and her unusual flavour combinations, all of this you would find, if you keep on reading. We also spent a good ten minutes discussing eggs. We are going to spare you the details, but let us tell you that we agreed on this: eggs are great.

Lonumedhu: Let’s begin by talking a little bit about your cake flavours. Black pepper in a cake, I think that’s rather unusual. And I saw that you use plums, rose water and cardamom as well. Where do all these come from?

Nau: I studied Culinary Arts at Sunway University, Malaysia, and specialised in patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia. While I was studying, I tried to visit a lot of cafés and restaurants to see what the latest trends were, and also to try out new flavours and incorporate whatever I liked into cakes, whether I was inspired by a drink or another dessert. I am also always looking up recipes both online and in books to see what flavours go well with each other.


Lonumedhu: Usually I see cinnamon in desserts and cakes, but I honestly hadn’t imagined a cake with black pepper.

Nau: I believe vanilla and strawberry compliment each other a lot, and it’s a pretty common flavour, so I wanted to elevate the flavour by adding the black pepper. This cake was actually inspired by a drink I had. I find that people are a bit hesitant to order the Birthday Cake (in case you are wondering, it’s the name of the cake with black pepper on Nau’s menu) because of the black pepper, so I always advice them that it’s actually not that spicy, as the sweetness from the frosting, the cake and the strawberries really does cut off the spiciness of the black peppers.

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Nau - Baked by Nau

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