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Maldivian Recipes

Maldivian Kulhi Riha

Kulhi Riha is a Maldivian spicy tuna curry that people have been enjoying for ages. 

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Oh Keemiya

Oh keemiya is a Maldivian hedhikaa (short eats/snack) that is made with tuna and green peas. 

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Hanaakuri Kukulhu Mey

This a very aromatic chicken liver curry, full of flavor and spices. 

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Ravaa Boakibaa

If you are looking to make a flavorful dessert with spices, ravaa boakibaa is a must try.

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Majaa means ‘fun’ in the Maldivian language Dhivehi and eating it can certainly be fun as this is a concoction that delivers a lot of heat, sourness and saltiness.

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Kukulhu Garudhiya

Kukulhu Garudhiya is a flavourful broth that’s made with chicken and a handful of ingredients.

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Foni Biscoadhu

Foni Biscoadhu is a simple sweet treat made by combining cream crackers with bananas, sugar and grated coconut.

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Handoo Gulha

Do you call these handoo gulha or handulu gulha? Anyway, when made crispy and just right, handulu gulha is one of the best among Maldivian savoury hedhikaas.

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So happy to be finally sharing our zileybi recipe as we’ve been receiving so many requests for this over the years.

Read more: Zileybi

Easy Kulhi Mas

Here we have the recipe for a Kulhi Mas recipe that comes together quite quickly and easily. It’s perfect for those times when you want to whip up something fast.

Read more: Easy Kulhi Mas


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