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Maldivian Recipes

Valhomas Kulhi Riha

Serve this super easy smoked tuna curry with some fresh Maldivian flat bread roshi.

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Bis Cutlets

Here we have the recipe for one of our favourite hedhikaas, Bis Cutlets, or Bis Cutlas if you prefer to spell it that way.

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Kashikeyo Fani

While we love anything and everything kashikeyo, kashikeyo fani or screwpine juice is a really special treat for really special days.

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Aluvi Sambol

Whether you are having a Dhivehi Keun or roshi with curry, some Aluvi Sambol can certainly make the meal better.

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Theluli Mushimas

Maldivians usually prepare it by first slathering it with spices and then deep frying it until crunchy. It’s then devoured whole, bones and all.

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Gabulhi Boakibaa

Gabulhi Boakibaa is a traditional Maldivian baked short-eat made with gabulhi (young coconut), flour, sugar and maafen (jasmine water).

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Bambukeyolee Baiy

Here we have the recipe for one of the most popular local rice dishes, Bambukeyolee Baiy. It’s a simple dish; rice is cooked with breadfruit and coconut milk.

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Aluvi Mashuni

While mashuni can be made with a lot of things like moringa pods, pumpkin and eggplants, here we have the recipe for making it potatoes.

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Kopeefathu Mas Huni

Mas huni is a beloved Maldivian breakfast dish that’s served with Maldivian flatbread roshi. This version is made with collard greens.

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Bambukeyo Kirugarudhiya

Breadfruit is cooked with turmeric and coconut milk and the resultant mixture is creamy, mild and delicious.

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