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Top posts from year 2

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Just a couple of days ago we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Yay!

While we are so, so excited about the upcoming chapters of Lonumedhu, below we look back at the most noteworthy posts from our second year!

And before you begin reading the list, please know that we are really happy to share this journey with you and so grateful for your love and support.


Dhon Riha

No recipe by us was ever read as much as you guys read our Dhon Riha recipe, both the Dhivehi and English versions of it. So we are going to begin our list with this light and lovely curry.


Masala Chai

Our recipe for the comfy spicy tea received so much love from you guys. Do try it out sometime if you haven’t already; we can promise you that it’s quite satisfying.


Bambukeyo Sanneti

This Rihaakuru laced spicy breadfruit curry turned out to be a blast from the past for us, as well as for many of our readers.


Huni Gulha

Another nostalgic number, this one takes us back to the children’s birthday parties of the 80s. They are colourful, sweet, coconutty and just so good that we’ve never been able to enjoy just one and leave it at that.


Boakuri Falho

There’s probably nothing much we can say about Boakuri Falho that you already don’t know. Everyone seems to love it, and so do we.


RAMAN – Oishii’s Ahmed Fatheen

We are moving on to some of the most notable interviews from our second year, and first up is this conversation we had with Ahmed Fatheen, who runs his Japanese restaurant Oishii in Hulhumale’.


Shaa’s gorgeous Ginger Bakes

Ginger Bakes is as much a feast for the eyes as for the tummy and we loved catching up with Shaa who bakes those gorgeous treats.


All about Thoum with Ahmed Rashad

Male’ city really does need an eatery that dishes out Middle Eastern fare and doing exactly that is Thoum.


Talking About Nadiya's Kitchen & More

This is a chat we had with one of the first few food bloggers from the Maldives Nadiya Ali Manik. Thootha Spices it Up!

We also had this lovely chat with Thootha (Aminath Rukhsa) who runs the popular pages on social media. 


Chillies & Lime: Recipes from a Maldivian Kitchen

It’s always so nice to have a new addition to our cookbook collection. Here’s a review we did for Chillies & Lime: Recipes from a Maldivian Kitchen by popular food blogger, Nazeeha Mohamed.


Hottest Chillies of the world

We Maldivians do love our chillies don’t we? In this article we took a look at some of the world’s hottest chilli peppers and by hot we meant so, so much hotter than our fiery githeyo mirus.


7 Recipes for Rihaakuru Lovers

Here at Lonumedhu we love making lists of this and that and you can have a look at them all from the blog category Lonumedhu Lists. Our list of Rihaakuru recipes happened to be one of our favourites.


Discovering great foods!

One of the things we set out to do with Lonumedhu is finding new and exciting places to enjoy a meal out and looking back on year two, we’ve discovered some great options including Muchas Gracias, Moti Mahal, GG’s Kitchen & Bistro, The Space, Oishii and Taste of Italy, and many more. You can view our entire restaurant review collection from the blog category Eating Out.



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