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Finding Sushi

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

Everyone knows where you can get some sushi in Male’/Hulhumale’.

Read more: Finding Sushi

Did You Say Aglio e Olio?

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

Aglio e olio. This classic Italian pasta has just two main ingredients; olive oil and garlic.

Read more: Did You Say Aglio e Olio?

Our Favourite Chocolate Recipes

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

If you’re a serious chocoholic, then these are some easy recipes you definitely need to try!

Read more: Our Favourite Chocolate Recipes

11 Dessert Recipes to Try

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

We’ve compiled a list of desserts with options that can work for any occasion.

Read more: 11 Dessert Recipes to Try

16 Recipes to Try This Ramadan

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

A selection of easy and delicious recipes for you to try this Ramadan! 

Read more: 16 Recipes to Try This Ramadan

Food Moments from 2022

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

We  take a look back at some notable Maldivian food scene moments and our own milestones from 2022.

Read more: Food Moments from 2022

10 Recipes for Rainy Days

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

Some comforting recipes for the next time it rains.

Read more: 10 Recipes for Rainy Days

Sweet Treats for Order

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

Craving something sweet but not sure where to order from? Not to worry!

Read more: Sweet Treats for Order

20 Recipes for your Eid Feast

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

Eid Mubarak to all our readers! Here are 20 recipes you can try out for your Eid Feast.

Read more: 20 Recipes for your Eid Feast

30 Recipes to Try This Ramadan

Category: Lonumedhu Lists

30 recipes for both the regular cook and the 'Ramadan cook.'

Read more: 30 Recipes to Try This Ramadan


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