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4 ideas for a great lunch feast

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Want to impress some folks by throwing a lunch feast that looks as good as it tastes? No worries and no stress, we’ve got you covered in this little guide, that’s simple enough for those who are doing it for the first time.


Rihaakuru dhiya with theluli mas, lonumirus, boiled yams, and white rice.


This combo is quite a good one to go for if you have a lot of people coming over but don’t have too much time.

First get going on the theluli mas as this is going to be the one that’s going to need your attention the most. The fish is going to take a little while to get fried to the lovely theluli mas colour. So multi-task a bit here and get the rice going. As for the yams, you can cook them with the rice, but we think it’s better to boil them separately so that your guests can choose according to their preferences. While the rice and yams cook is a good time to prepare the rihaakuru dhiya and that’s it.

As for the lonumirus, we’ve got a recipe here that you can prepare ahead of time, or you could simply buy one of those lonumirus cups that’s available from most stores these days. Throw in some theluli faiy, raw sliced onions, scotch bonnet peppers, and limes for added effect.

So, to sum things up, to throw a rihaakuru dhiya lunch for 6 people:

Double our theluli mas recipe.

Double our rihaakuru dhiya recipe.

Follow our lonumirus recipe or buy a premade one.

Prepare the white rice by cooking 3 to 4 cups rice.

Boil around 4 taros or sweet potatoes, or other yams of choice.

Add some theluli faiy and sliced onions, limes and chillies if you want to.


Masbaiy with theluli rihaakuru & fundi satani


This is rather an easy and even economical way to feed a huge crowd. Handle the masbaiy first and once you get it on top of the stove, grind the fundi satani. For the theluli rihaakuru, you can make some from scratch or just buy a bottle. Similar to the rihaakuru dhiya lunch above, serve the meal with some theluli faiy, onions, chillies and limes.

Also, while we have a very yummy and creamy masbaiy recipe here on Lonumedhu, you can make it simpler by using canned tuna instead of fresh tuna, or even use valhomas too. If you are using canned tuna, add that in after you cook the rice.

What you need to throw a masbaiy lunch for 6 people:

Double our masbaiy recipe.

Double our fundi satani recipe.

Use this recipe to make theluli rihaakuru or buy a bottle.

Add some theluli faiy and sliced onions, limes and chillies if you want to.


Chicken curry, dhal curry, brinjal curry with rice


A curry medley is a guaranteed hit when you have people over. For one thing, there’s going to be variety. And much more importantly, it's possible that you'll come off looking like a pro.

Start with the chicken curry as it takes the longest to cook. Also, when you are prepping the ingredients, such as slicing the onions and handling the garlic for the chicken curry, do that for the other two curries too; that’s going to make things so much easier later on. Once you have the chicken curry simmering, get going on the brinjal curry, and finally the dhal as that’s the easiest.

Cook the rice while the dhal is cooking and you are good to go. Serve this with a satani, some asaara, chutney or a simple green salad.

What you need to throw a curry medley lunch for 6:

Double up on our easy chicken curry recipe.

Double up on our Bashi Hiki Riha recipe.

Double up on our Mugu Riha recipe.

Prepare the white rice by cooking 3 to 4 cups rice.

Serve with some asaara, chutney or simple green salad. We’ve got some satani recipes here too.


Fihunu Kukulhu, Dhal curry, Fundi Satani and Folaa


Fihunu kukulhu is really the star of this meal. So get it in the oven first. Then start with the rice and when you have that cooking, get going with the mugu riha. Make the fundi satani while the mugu riha is cooking and that’s it. Similar to the curry medley above, doing all of the chopping and slicing in one go would make things so much easier.

What you need to throw a Fihunu Kukulhu & Folaa medley lunch for 6:

Our Fihunu Kukulhu recipe.

Double up on our Folaa recipe.

Double up on our Mugu Riha recipe.

Double our Fundi satani recipe.


Last but not least, all these lunches are probably going to need a dessert. So browse through our collection and make one in advance. Or just simply serve some sliced fruit.




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