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Canned Tuna

Tuna Panini

Tuna in a soft bun with creamy mayonnaise, this is an extremely enjoyable savory treat that you could try in just a few minutes.

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Maldives Style Tuna Spaghetti

A spicy spaghetti dish prepared with our favourite chilli scotch bonnet pepper, canned tuna and tomato paste.

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Chilli Paste Noodles

Quick and yummy noodle dishes are the best! And here we have the recipe for a really delicious noodles that’s made with canned tuna and chilli paste.

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Cheese Cutlets

We are real fans of regular cutlets. However, we have to admit we love cheese cutlets even more.

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Tuna Lasagne

Here we have an easy peasy tuna lasagne recipe that can go as spicy as you want.

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Tuna Submarine

With a lightly toasted bun, a lovely tuna mayo filling, easy-peasy sub sauce, crisp veggies and cheese, you’ll probably love every bite of this tuna submarine.

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Tuna Pizza

Learn to make a pizza dough from scratch and top it with some spicy tuna.

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Fish Pie

The hero ingredient in this simple tuna fish pie is definitely the scotch bonnet pepper; it just marries the tuna, tomatoes and cheese together so beautifully.

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Tuna Noodles

For this week’s new recipe we have this very simple noodles recipe prepared with canned tuna and a handful of other ingredients.

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Egg Puffs

Boiled eggs and a spicy tuna filling enclosed in a lovely pastry.

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