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10 Recipes for Suhoor

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by Iyath Adam


As we delve into Ramadan, it’s important to make sure that we’re ready for the month of fasting and all that comes with it. 


Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 recipes that are easy to make and hits the right notes for a healthy, filling suhoor. 


Masala Oats

Oats are a great option to eat as suhoor; as complex carbs, they keep you fuller for longer, giving you more energy throughout the day. Check out our savoury oats recipe for a different take on this usually sweet dish. 

Chicken Tortilla Wrap 

If you’re not into rice, then this chicken wrap is a great dish for you to get in all your food groups. To save even more time during suhoor, you can prep the ingredients ahead and just assemble the wrap when ready to eat. 


No suhoor list will be complete without baipen. Packed with energy, this quintessential Maldivian staple is great with some maskurolhi or some honey and fruits for an all-rounded dish. 

Beetroot Rice

If you have leftover cooked rice from iftar or even the day before, make it into this delicious beetroot rice. Just use whatever vegetables you have on hand for a quick, simple rice dish. 

Kukulhu Garudhiya

Sub the typical Maldivian garudhiya with fish for this flavourful kukulhu garudhiya. While typically eaten with rice (similar to garudhiya), you can have the broth in itself as well. Just make sure to pair it with some fruit and nuts or some sort of complex carbs to complete your meal. 

Masdhalhu Fried Rice

Made with tuna, eggs, and frozen veggies, this fried rice is easy to make and adjust to your preferences. You can even use leftover rice to make the dish even quicker to make!

Valhomas Kirugarudhiya

Easy to whip up in one pot, this valhomas kirugarudhiya, made with pieces of smoked tuna or valhomas, is mild, creamy, and perfect to eat with some rice for a filling suhoor. 

Tuna Pasta Salad 

This pasta salad, made with wholewheat pasta, tuna and loaded with veggies hits all the major food groups – complex carbs, proteins, and vegetables – to prep you for fasting. 

Easy Creamy Chicken 

Made with Campbell’s mushroom soup can and boneless chicken, this is a great dish you can prepare quickly before suhoor time. Add some noodles or pasta to the dish to make it even heartier! 

Tropical Smoothie Bowl 

Although a traditional breakfast dish, this tropical smoothie bowl is works great as a suhoor dish too. The yoghurt will keep you hydrated while the chia seeds and the almonds give it a healthy dose of fats and fibre to keep you full throughout the day while fasting. 




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