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Chicken Recipes

Fihunu Kukulhu

Here's a simple Lonumirus based baked chicken recipe. Not much prep work involved, so it's ideal for a lazy day.

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Chicken Korma

For this week's new recipe we have the lovely, creamy & mild Chicken Korma.

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Chicken Fried Rice

Here's a recipe for a really simple chicken fried rice. Feel free to substitute the veggies and kick up on the heat.

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Easy Chicken Curry

Here's a really easy recipe for chicken curry, perfect for those times when you feel like going easy.

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Chicken Submarine

Crispy bits of chicken, tomatoes and bell peppers covered in a lot of cheese. Check out our chicken submarine recipe.

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Honey Soy Chicken

Chicken doesn't get any easier than this. Takes just five ingredients and a bit of marinating.

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Lonumedhu Special Chicken

We've created a really delicious chicken curry recipe to wish you all a blissful eid.

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Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Chicken Tortilla Wraps are deceptively easy to make. Boiling, slicing, mixing and assembling, that's all it takes.

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Chicken & Peas Stew

Our Middle Eastern inspired Chicken & Peas Stew tastes delicious with roshi and can be great for friends & family get-togethers.

Read more: Chicken & Peas Stew

Chicken Liver Curry

A quick curry for a busy day. We think it's the cumin and the tomato paste that makes it extra delicious.

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