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Exploring Food

The Super in Superfoods

Category: Exploring Food

We’ve all heard the term ‘superfood.' But what exactly is it?

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Meet the Mushrooms

Category: Exploring Food

Mushrooms come in all types and shapes and are plenty, with around 14,000 identified species.

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I yam what I yam

Category: Exploring Food

There’s a lot of confusion around yams and we attempt to clear that up.

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Maldives’ Beloved Rihaakuru

Category: Exploring Food

We write about Maldives' beloved fish paste Rihaakuru.

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Hedhikaa; a Quintessentially Maldivian Experience

Category: Exploring Food

Evening tea with hedhikaa (short eats) is one tradition that’s here to stay. 

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Herb the Gift from the Earth

Category: Exploring Food

Let’s take a quick look at the most commonly used herbs in the Maldives. 

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In Fragrant Bloom

Category: Exploring Food

We write about Maldivian cuisine's beloved flower Jasmine.

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Say Cheese?

Category: Exploring Food

Read more about cheese, one of those fortuitous accidents in history.

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The Many Lives of Finifenmaa

Category: Exploring Food

We write about the heady rose flavour we've loved since childhood.

Read more: The Many Lives of Finifenmaa

Havaadhu; Uniquely Dhivehi

Category: Exploring Food

We have a look at some of Maldivian cuisine's unique spice pastes and mixes.

Read more: Havaadhu; Uniquely Dhivehi


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