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Majaa means ‘fun’ in the Maldivian language Dhivehi and eating it can certainly be fun as this is a concoction that delivers a lot of heat, sourness and saltiness.

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Kopee Fathu Satani

Kopee Faiy is combined with rihaakuru, onion, lime, chilli and grated coconut for this punchy sambal type dish.

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Rihaakuru Fathafolhi

Rihaakuru together with grated coconut, spices and ground rice makes this punchy tea time snack.

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Lonumirus Rihaakuru

Some folks calls this ‘havaadhulee rihaakuru’ while others consider this another version of ‘theluli rihaakuru’.

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Kulhi Baipen

Kulhi Baipen is local rainy day comfort food. It’s spicy, it’s salty and it’s filling; so what more can you ask for?

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Rihaakuru Boakibaa

Making Rihaakuru Boakibaa is quite simple. Remember to taste test before putting it in the oven.

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Kulhlhafilaafathu Satani

Whether you call it mashuni or satani, it's one of our favourite roadhaveella gadi dishes.

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Rihaakuru Folhi

Rihaakuru Folhi is so much like a savoury pancake, but with rihaakuru goodness and a heat kick of course.

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Rihaakuru Dhiya

One of our all time favourites Rihaakuru Dhiya. Too good with bambukeyo baiy, thelli faiy, maskurolhi and fihunumas.

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Tomato Rice

Yes, this very delicious and spicy rice dish is all about tomatoes, but it's the Rihaakuru that brings it home. Check it out.

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