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Kashikeyo Fani

While we love anything and everything kashikeyo, kashikeyo fani or screwpine juice is a really special treat for really special days.

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Cinnamon Lemon Iced Tea

A tall glass of iced lemon tea is a hot weather classic. But add some cinnamon to it and things go to a whole new level.

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Cardamom Tea

The days are cosy and a cup of Cardamom Tea might be just what you need to warm you up.

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Iced Coffee

These days are so hot and we certainly can use an ice cold coffee to get us refreshed and energized.

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Kattala Kan’dhi

The traditional Maldivian dessert drink Kan'dhi, prepared with Kattala (sweet potato).

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Chocolate Milkshake

The best thing about making chocolate milkshakes at home is that you can add as much ice cream and chocolate as you’d like.

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Hot Chocolate

This one is for those days you deserve a good strong cup of hot chocolate.

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Kashikeyo Kan’dhi

Dessert drink made with screwpine fruit, ground rice, sugar & coconut milk.

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Maalhoskeylu Kan’dhi

The delicious green plantain based dessert drink, Maalhoskeylu Kan’dhi.

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Fufoo Kan'dhi

Fufoo Kan'dhi, a favourite among Maldivian dessert drinks because it is creamy and comforting.

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