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Curry Recipes

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Here's our take on preparing the very beautiful and very purple banana flower, or boashi as we call it here in the Maldives.

Read more: Boashi

Muranga Fathu Riha

Been a while since we last had some Muranga Fathu Riha. So, we made some and it turned out quite yummy.

Read more: Muranga Fathu Riha

Lonumedhu Special Chicken

We've created a really delicious chicken curry recipe to wish you all a blissful eid.

Read more: Lonumedhu Special Chicken

Dhon Anbu Riha

Sweet, sour and spicy, Dhon Anbu Riha or Maldivian Ripe Mango Curry is just one of the many reasons why we love the mango season.

Read more: Dhon Anbu Riha

Kulhi Riha

Everyone needs a good Kulhi Riha recipe. Here’s our version. Add as much chilli as you want.

Read more: Kulhi Riha

Hanaakuri Mas

Making Hanaakuri Mas is an aromatic process; we love watching the spices sizzle and pop as they get roasted.

Read more: Hanaakuri Mas

Chilli Boava

Here's a spicy, yummy Chilli Boava recipe for the next time you get your hands on some boava.

Read more: Chilli Boava

Chicken Liver Curry

A quick curry for a busy day. We think it's the cumin and the tomato paste that makes it extra delicious.

Read more: Chicken Liver Curry

Butter Chicken

Making butter chicken at home is surprisingly easy. Our version is spicy, buttery, creamy, simple and quick.

Read more: Butter Chicken

Baraboa Riha

Ready in less than 30 minutes, tastes absolutely delicious, and you can find the ingredients from just about anywhere.

Read more: Baraboa Riha


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