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Sweet Treats for Order

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by Iyath Adam

Craving something sweet but not sure where to order from? Not to worry! This week, we’re sharing with you a list of food pages which offer a range of sweet treats!


Raza's Kitchen


Raza’s Kitchen has a variety of decadent desserts, available for both pre-order and instant purchase. Dark chocolate tart, meringue roulade and tiramisu are just some of their tasty offerings!

Not sure what to order? Read our review of their meringue roulade here!


Sticky Desserts


If you’re looking for mango sticky rice in Male’, look no further than Sticky Desserts. Available in three sizes – small, medium & large – their sticky rice is deliciously refreshing, sweet and coconutty!

Unsure? Check out our review here!




Fonithoshi is probably best-known for their colourful macarons of many different flavours! Some notable flavours include passionfruit, chocolate, Biscoff, cookies & cream and many more! Their macarons are available for pre-order as well as instant purchase on Macaron Mondays.

Apart from macarons, Fonithoshi also has cinnamon rolls, almond biscotti, scones and many more options available for order on their Instagram page.




Terrafika’s sweet treats are definitely a delightful sight for hungry eyes! Their desserts on offer include brownies, “sweetie pies” and their signature stuffed cookies. These cookies are available in different flavours including chocolate chip, s’mores and funfetti.

Check out our review of Terrafika cookies and the chocolate “sweetie pie.”




Crumbs offers the most amazing tres leches cakes! They come with a variety of toppings including strawberry, passionfruit, kiwi, and pomegranate, and are available for instant purchase (pick-up) as well as for customised orders. Other than their tres leches, Crumbs also makes decorated cakes for different occasions.




Whisk’s brownies are well-known for their fudgy and chocolatey goodness! In addition to the brownies – which are available in a variety of flavours including raspberry, salted caramel, Nutella swirl and cinnamon-spiced – Whisk also offers brownie towers, brownie cakes and cupcakes!


Eclairs & Tea Bakery


Eclairs & Tea Bakery has an array of éclair flavours available – passionfruit, cheesecake, coffee, chocolate, peanut butter and many more! Airy and filled with a rich custard inside, the éclairs are certainly a delight. Other than that, the virtual bakery also has tiramisu cakes AND tiramisu tubs available for order!

Check out our review of their éclairs here!


Slices & Sweets


Slices & Sweets has an assortment of sweet treats available, including traditional Maldivian snacks such as coconut balls, baraboa halwa, dhandi aluvi boakibaa and foni bisgandu. Other than that, the page also has sugar cookies, mini pavlovas, chocolate banana bread and many more available for order!




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