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Eclairs & Tea Café – Bons Éclairs!

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By Iyath Adam

For our Love this Dish article this time, we tried the eclairs from Eclairs & Tea Café – an eatery in Male’. We’ve been hearing good things about the café and after seeing their eclairs on numerous Instagram stories, we finally decided that we had to give it a try!

Eclairs & Tea Café has different flavours of eclairs available, and we decided to sample five that seemed the most interesting – classic, coffee, cheesecake, peanut butter, and passion fruit. 

Eclairs are tough to get right. The choux pastry (or pâte à choux in French, which is where this pastry is from) should be crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, ready to be filled with creamy custard or pudding. The glaze should cover the length of the eclair evenly so that you get all three components and textures in one bite.

And boy, did it have a nice bite! These eclairs did not disappoint.

The choux pastry wasn’t soggy, but firm with a nice bite to it. The eclairs were filled beautifully – the pudding fillings were ample and perfectly balanced, not so sweet with each flavour distinct and instantly recognisable. The glaze also nicely covered the eclairs and added to an all-round satisfying mouthful.

The classic flavour came with the traditional vanilla pudding inside and chocolate glaze on top which is what you will usually see when you Google pictures of eclairs. The cheesecake one – unsurprisingly – has a cheesecake-flavoured filling with a white chocolate glaze; the peanut butter was filled with a deliciously peanutty pudding with a chocolate glaze and ground peanuts on top; the coffee eclair certainly lived up to the name with a velvety coffee filling and glaze; and passion fruit – our favourite! – had zesty passion fruit seeds in the pudding filling and glaze, creating the perfect balance of sweet and sour which we just couldn’t get enough of!

They are certainly worth the hype.

Other than these delectable eclairs, Eclairs & Tea Café also has a wide range of other short eats available for tea on their page. Go on, get some eclairs for tea time and thank us afterwards!


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