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Meringue Roulade by Raza’s Kitchen

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by Iyath Adam

The sweet creations of Raza’s Kitchen have been on our ‘to-taste’ list for some time now. So when we saw their meringue roulade a couple of weeks ago, we just knew we had to try it!

A meringue roulade, also sometimes called a Pavlova roll, is a rolled-up meringue sheet filled with whipped cream and fruit. When sliced, the ‘roulade’ (which means ‘roll’ in French) has a lovely swirly look - kind of like a Swiss roll – and is an elegant dish to behold.

As Raza’s Kitchen didn’t have individual slices available at the time we ordered, we opted for a whole strawberry and raspberry roulade. Do keep an eye out though, they do have slices on offer sometimes. We gave our order a day ahead and were eagerly waiting for the delivery at teatime the next day.

It was love at first sight. The roulade looked delicious – and had a certain kind of decadent sophistication to it. Fresh strawberries and raspberries on top of whipped cream swirls dotted the top of the roll. The meringue was a pale cream colour and was cracked to perfection.

When sliced, the meringue and whipped cream swirls were peppered with a syrupy jam. The flavour was extremely balanced; not too sweet, as meringue-based desserts sometimes can be. It was creamy and had a melt-in-your-mouth quality to it. The sharp tang of the strawberry and raspberry flavours perfectly complemented the richness of the cream and the meringue. And it could be tasted throughout the roll with every bite. We couldn’t stop going for seconds and thirds!

The meringue roulade is perfect for a celebration or even just a fancy tea with friends. It is available in three flavours: strawberry and raspberry, mango and passionfruit, and mixed berries. Other than the meringue roulade, Raza’s Kitchen also has a host of other sweet treats available like dark chocolate tart, dark chocolate mousse cake, lemon blueberry cake and tres leches cake. This is a page definitely worth checking out!


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