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Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan, Share the Love

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Find out how you can help out those in need this Ramadan.

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Food & Karaoke, Hotel Jen’s new combo

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Jen Male’ Maldives by Shangri La has introduced Jen’s Karaoke Nights for locals.

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Why you should eat oats

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Oats are one of the healthiest grains on planet earth.

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Kan’dhi: Maldivian Comfort Drink

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Kandhi is a traditional Maldivian dessert drink that’s typically served during special occasions.

Read more: Kan’dhi: Maldivian Comfort Drink

The versatile pumpkin

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In this article we put the spotlight on the beloved ‘barabo.’

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HPA, RAM & home food businesses

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HPA's announcement about penalizing unregistered home food businesses and the events that followed.

Read more: HPA, RAM & home food businesses

Co-shared kitchen for home food businesses

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Business Center Corporation announce plans for a co-shared kitchen facility.

Read more: Co-shared kitchen for home food businesses

Breadfruit in Maldivian cuisine

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We write about the versatile breadfruit.

Read more: Breadfruit in Maldivian cuisine

Eid Mubarak

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We wish you and your loved ones a blissful Fitr Eid.

Read more: Eid Mubarak

Food in the time of Corona

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We'll be sticking around, bringing you weekly recipes and articles.

Read more: Food in the time of Corona


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