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Practice the Art of Giving this Ramadan

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by Iyath Adam

Ramadan is the month of giving and sharing with one another. And in spirit with the theme, here are some ways you can practice the art of giving.


MMWM – Donate a Meal, Help a Life

Mission for Migrant Workers Maldives (MMWM) is conducting their annual Ramadan campaign this year as well, providing iftar meal packs to migrant workers in need in the Greater Male’ area.

Each iftar meal pack is MVR 50. You can either donate directly to MMWM or to their restaurant partner, The Space MV as well.


Mission for Migrant Workers Maldives

BML: (MVR) 7730000378559

BML: (USD) 7730000378560

Share your receipts to 7384994 through Viber or WhatsApp.


The Space LLP

BML: (MVR) 7730000167472

BML: (USD) 7730000167473

Share your receipts to 7337700 through Viber. You can also contact this number for more information if you’re interested in donating other goods.

MMWM is the first registered NGO in the Maldives working explicitly for the rights of migrant workers. This is the third year in a row that MMWM is conducting this campaign.


Moms Aid – Ramadan Aid Campaign

Under the ‘Ramadan Aid’ campaign 2023 by Moms Aid, the NGO is providing iftar meal packs to vulnerable families and single mothers in need registered under the Moms Care list. Each pack is priced at MVR 65.


Send your donations to:

MOMS Account

BML: (MVR) 7730000294482

BML: (USD) 7730000294483


For more information, contact 7849393 or 7688122.

Moms Aid (previously MOMS NGO) is a national charity founded with the objective of empowering mothers and providing care and resources to mothers in need across the Maldives.


IAC Maldives - With Love 2023

International Aid Campaign (IAC) is conducting their ‘With Love’ campaign for the sixth consecutive year. Under this campaign, they are providing aid to 25 countries through iftar packs for families in need.

An iftar meal pack is priced at MVR 70, and both locals and international donations are accepted.

Send your donations to:

BML: (MVR) 7770000062740 or

Alternately, you can also donate via this web portal:


IAC is a platform founded under the initiative of the NGO EHEE Jamiyya, in collaboration with over 120 local partners.


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