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Healthy Eating in Male’

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by Iyath Adam

Eating healthy in Male’ is definitely much easier now than compared to a few years ago. Many restaurants and food pages have at least a couple of healthy options to choose from.

Here, we’ve curated a small list for you on different dishes you can get in Male’, which are more on the healthier side.


Diana Salad – Blood Orange by CK

Chock full of superfood, quinoa, roasted vegetables and chicken, the Diana Salad is definitely a good dinner or lunch option for those looking for something light yet filling.


Herb-Chicken Quinoa Bowl – Meer Food

This dish from online page, Meer Food comes with a good-sized portion of quinoa, herb-chicken, roasted cauliflowers and chickpeas and garden greens. If you’re looking for another protein, Meer also offers a Chilli Beef option. At 28g of protein per dish, this bowl is an  excellent dish if you are tracking your macros (and they have vegan options available upon request too!).


Cauliflower Rice Bowl – Bowl’d

The Cauliflower Rice Bowl from Bowl’d is both a low-calorie and filling option. Served with chicken in a spicy peanut sauce, roasted sweet potato and kale mallum, this bowl is both delicious and heart healthy.

If cauliflower rice is not your cup of tea, Bowl’d also offers bowls with  brown rice and couscous.. Check out our review of the latter here.


Banana Bread – Low

Getting healthier dessert options in Male’ is certainly a trial. But Low fills the gap with their gluten-free, no added sugar banana bread. Topped with dark chocolate chips and chopped almonds, we can definitely attest that this is delicious (check out our review here).

Low also serves an almond cake and a double chocolate brownie cake – both gluten-free and sugar-free – as well as other healthier, savoury shorteats too!


Grilled Chicken with Couscous – Bianco Coffee & Eatery

This dish at Bianco Coffee & Eatery is presented beautifully, and comes with vegetable couscous, a sizeable piece of grilled chicken and a lemon-herb dressing. Great for a lunch option and best enjoyed with one of their custom-made drinks!

For a healthy breakfast option, Bianco also serves a Granola Bowl made with their home-made granola, fresh fruits, chia seeds and yoghurt.


Pumpkins As Staple – The Coffee Shrub

The old  adage of “you eat with your eyes first” certainly comes true with this pumpkin dish by The Coffee Shrub! With an upright roasted pumpkin wedge, grilled chicken and lentils, this definitely ticks a lot of the boxes for healthy eating. To get a more detailed look into this dish, check out our review of The Coffee Shrub here.


Acai Bowls – Scoop Maldives

Acai bowls are made from frozen and pulped acai berries, which are rich in antioxidants. Scoop offers acai bowls in two sizes with several topping options – nut butters, sauces, nuts, seeds and fruits – so you can build your own bowl to you liking; a perfect healthy breakfast dish!

For lunch or dinner dishes, Scoop also has two quinoa options on their menu – a quinoa salad and a quinoa stir-fry. Click here to read the interview we did with the folks running this beloved ice cream parlour.


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