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Dinner Spots for Your Next Date Night

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by Iyath Adam

This week, we’ve put together for you a list of date night spots for you, from both Male’ and Hulhumale’!


The Coffee Shrub 


The Coffee Shrub at Male’ Grand on Majeedhee Magu is a cosy space for a night out. With lots of green plants and mural-like walls, it certainly stands out from most restaurants in Male’ City. You can opt for both inside and outside seating, and the menu has both sharing and main dishes to choose from, along with a range of drinks. 


The Red Snapper & Coffee Beans


With the outdoor terrace seating overlooking the ocean and the cool night breeze, The Red Snapper & Coffee Beans is perfect for an elegant dinner date. The restaurant has several dishes available, with Asian, Italian, and Mexican twists, along with different hot and iced drinks.

The Red Snapper & Coffee Beans is located at Kaani Magu, Hulhumale’.




A relatively new restaurant, Sushi-Zu has really made its mark as a good dinner spot. Located in Shinetree Building (the Salt Café & Restaurant building), Sushi-Zu offers contemporary Japanese cuisine by way of both teppanyaki and sushi. The warm ambiance of the restaurant coupled with the excellent food and guest service certainly makes it a worthy place to splash out on for a special date night.


The Maldive Kitchen


With its Maldivian retro-style exterior and interior, The Maldive Kitchen is perfect for a different experience of authentic Maldivian food. The restaurant has both set menus (called ‘Mireyge Keun’) and à la carte options available, which includes quintessential Maldivian dishes such as kandu kukulhu, dhon riha, kulhi baiypen and fathu satani. 

The Maldive Kitchen is located in Chanbeylee Magu, Hulhumale’. Just pre-book for your dinner date in advance and be on your way to try out Maldivian food in a different light.


Lazeez Gourmet


Lazeez Gourmet serves a wide range of Middle Eastern food, from rice and shawarma dishes to different dips and tasty desserts as well. The restaurant has different seating options available, both indoor and outdoor, and is a great option to enjoy good food in an intimate setting for your date night!

Lazeez Gourmet is located at Hithigas Goalhi 1, Hulhumale’.


GG's Kitchen and Bistro


Located in Burevigas Magu, Hulhumale’, GG’s Kitchen and Bistro is well-known for their tagines – a type of slow cooked Moroccan dish – available with a wide variety of meat (think chicken, lamb, quail, duck). Other than that, they also serve Moroccan and Russian dishes such as harira soup, Olivier salad and pelmeni (meat dumplings).  This, along with the restaurant’s cool, Morocco-inspired interior makes it great for a ‘foodventurous’ date – just remember to pre-book your tagine dishes in advance though!



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