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The Maldive Kitchen opens doors

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The Maldive Kitchen, an all new family run restaurant serving authentic Maldivian food, has opened its doors for dinner and afternoon tea. The restaurant is located at Lot 11429 Chanbeylee Magu, Goalhi No 9, Hulhumale’.

The Maldive Kitchen offers a cosy, homely and uniquely Maldivian experience via both food and décor. The green and white exteriors and interiors are reminiscent of Maldivian homes of late 20th century and the feel is complemented by the use of retro style plates with floral designs.

Set dinner menus titled 'Mireyge Keun' (meaning tonight’s dinner) are available from Fridays to Tuesdays. These menus include a starter, a main, two side dishes, ‘satani’ (Maldivian sambal), and a drink and dessert of the day.

There’s an A la carte menu too including a wide array of Maldivian favourites like ‘kandu kukulhu,’ ‘kulhi riha,’ ‘dhon riha,’ ‘biriyani,’ ‘boakuri falho,’ ‘baipen’ and various types of ‘kandhi’ and ‘fani.’

For afternoon tea, The Maldive Kitchen offers ‘huvandhumaa’ (jasmine) tea and ‘hedhikaa’ (Maldivian short eats).

Pre-booking is recommended for the best experience at The Maldive Kitchen.

The team behind The Maldive Kitchen includes the family that runs the home-based catering business Home Cooked Maldives. For those interested in finding out more, here’s an interview we did some time back with Home Cooked Maldives’ Jeehan Saleem (left in the picture above): Jee & Family’s Home Cooked Maldives.


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