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20 Recipes for your Eid Feast

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Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Eid lunch is such a precious time that we spend with our loved ones. Below are 20 recipes you can try out for Eid's special feast. They include chicken curries, rice dishes and various Eid worthy desserts.




For anyone new to Folaa, it’s a special and traditional rice dish made fragrant with spices and yummy with fried onions, kanamadhu (sea almonds) and raisins. We love it with chicken curry, some sort of a dry veg curry and a salad.


Kaaliyaa Birinji


Kaaliyaa Birinjee is indeed a very special rice dish. Onions, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves make it aromatic while the coconut milk lends it a lovely creaminess.


Dhirifiyaalee Baiy


Dhirifiyaalee Baiy is a special rice dish that’s just superb with some spicy Miruhulee Kukulhu or even a chicken curry. And as the name suggests, the two main flavours in Dhirifiyaalee Baiy are onions and cumin.


Cashew Rice


Here’s a simple yet delicious rice dish you can enjoy during special meals. Serve it with chicken curry, poppadum and chutney and you have a winner.


Chicken Biriyani


Since making chicken biriyani is a really long process that requires you to make so many different components, we’ve divided the instructions into easy to follow segments. Our version is rather old school and does not use any packaged biriyani spice mixes.


Hanaakuri Kukulhu


A special chicken curry for special days. This one can be enjoyed with Maldivian flatbread roshi. But we think it’s so much better with a Maldivian traditional rice like dhirifiyaa baiy (cumin & onion rice) or kaaliyaa birinjee.


Kukulhu Musamma


We think ‘musamma’ curries are really nice in general because they have that hint of sweetness against the spices and there’s that crunch and bite from the ‘kanamadhu’ (sea almonds) and raisins. If you don’t have ‘kanamadhu’, you can just use cashews.


Kukulhu Riha


We do have a quick chicken curry recipe here on Lonumedhu. But that one’s got tomato paste in it and uses a premade spice mix. This chicken curry here is a bit more traditional. It’s really, really yummy when you have it mixed with roshi.


Tomato Chicken Curry


As you can tell from its name, this tomato chicken curry is made with lots and lots of tomatoes. During the cooking, the tomatoes soften and melt, giving the curry a really nice flavour and texture.


Fihunu Kukulhu


This here is a pretty straightforward Lonumirus based roasted chicken recipe.


Bashi Hiki Riha


Maldivian cuisine has so many dry veggie curries that we love, and this dry eggplant curry is one of our favourites among them.


Bashi Musamma


A musamma curry made with eggplants.


Mugu Riha


Muguriha is the staple that goes with everything!


Rose Haluvidhaa


So far we’ve published recipes for regular haluvidhaa and pandan haluvidhaa. This one here is flavoured with rose syrup, so it’s like a sarubath haluvidhaa. It’s very yummy, especially when chilled.


Barabo Pirini


Have you made anything from pumpkin that wasn’t nice? Anyway, here we have the recipe for a delicious pirini recipe made with pumpkin.


Rava Pirini


It’s a super simple dessert ideal for those times when you don’t have the time to make a batch of the traditional rice based pirini. Plus, the semolina gives it a real yummy suji feel to it.




Pirini is such a special dessert. The great part about it is that in addition to being really, really delicious it's also super simple to make. If you don't want to grind the rice yourself, just use store bought rice flour.


Saagu Pudding


We love Saagu Bondibai and we also love Thai style Sago Pudding. So we thought we’d make something that would fall in between.


Handulu Bondibaiy


Handulu Bondibai feels special. That’s probably because we are used to eating it on those special occasions such as Eid, naming of a new born and so on and so forth.


Fundi Satani


Fundi Satani is yummy with Biriyani.






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