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11 Different Recipes for Eid Lunch

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by Iyath Adam


For us Maldivians, Eid lunch is typically an elaborate affair. Biryani, some type of chicken curry and Maldivian desserts like pirini or saagu bondibaiy are usually enjoyed as families come together to celebrate the day.  

But why not make something different that ‘the usual’? 

So, if you’re hosting a lunch for your family this Fitr Eid, we’ve compiled 11 recipes which will surely make your tabletop stand out from the rest!

Mutton Biryani

Like we’ve said before, chicken biryani is usually the go to for Eid feasts. But for something different and which’ll bring some oomph to your feast, check out this easy mutton biryani recipe. 

Garlic Rice

Made with lots and lots of garlic, this jazzed up rice dish goes great with dry curries or even some roast chicken. Make sure not to burn the garlic when frying it though! 

Miruhulee Kukulhu 


A lovely dry curry which can be enjoyed with either rice or roshi – you can make this dish as spicy as you want. Be sure to blend the curry paste properly to get that lovely, savoury taste! 


Beef Curry

Although this dish takes a bit longer to prepare, the aromatic, flavourful taste and the tender pieces of beef are certainly worth it. 

Tandoori Roast Chicken 

Nothing says a celebration like a roast chicken! Our version has a pretty short marination period so you can easily whip this up before your guests arrive. 

Beetroot Curry

This dry beetroot curry is especially good if you want to have something with veggies as an option. Made with smoked tuna or valhomas, this goes very well with some plain or even fried rice. 

Kandu Kukulhu

There are more steps to preparing kandu kukulhu than most dishes, but the lovely, coconutty, spicy curry at the end is worth all the hard work. For an easier route, you can prep the curry paste in advance and keep it in the freezer until ready to use.  

Roasted Chickpea Salad 

This chickpea salad is a great dish to accompany the savoury curries and rice dishes of the day, providing a much needed, refreshing side. 

Mango Pirini

If you want a classic Maldivian dessert with a twist, then this mango pirini will certainly hit all the right notes. Made with ground up rice and mangoes, the taste is a little reminiscent of Thai mango sticky rice! 

Pumpkin Halwa

This is an easier version of the traditional Maldivian pumpkin or barabo halwa, but just as tasty. It’s definitely great for when you want something quick and traditional but slightly different. 


This milk pudding dessert is certainly a crowd pleaser! You can skip the cardamom and rosewater used in our version, but it definitely adds a different aroma to the dish. 

For more Eid lunch recipes, check out more of our curated recipe collection here



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