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10 Recipes for Rainy Days

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We had such gloomy weather the past few days. Here, we’ve put together a list of recipes that you can make on rainy days when you need a little something to lift you up.


Hanaakuri Mas


This spicy, aromatic dish is perfect to heat you up on cold days. Hanaakuri mas is best enjoyed with bondibaiy (Maldivian rice pudding) or some roshi (Maldivian flatbread) and a piping hot cup of kalhu sai or black tea.


Kulhi Faaroshi


Kulhi faaroshi is another dish that absolutely must be eaten alongside a cup of kalhu sai as well. The rihaakuru lends it a lovely spicy, savoury taste and the crushed faaroshi makes it extremely filling.


Kulhi Baiypen


The savoury version of baiypen (the traditional Maldivian porridge), kulhi baiypen is spicy, salty and filling, and will definitely leave you craving for more.


Masala Chai


There is nothing that quite says comforting like a hot cup of masala chai. It’s both spicy and sweet at the same time and will definitely warm you up from the inside. Feel free to adjust the sugar to your liking!


Kashikeyo Kandhi


A traditional dessert drink of the Maldives, kashikeyo (screw pine fruit) kandhi is made by cooking the screw pine fruit with ground rice, sugar, and coconut milk. It’s the ultimate  comfort drink for when the weather is down.


Chicken Stew


This versatile chicken stew recipe can be made with any veggies or herbs you have on hand; there’s no hard and fast rule here. Just make sure to enjoy it while it’s warm!


Hot Chocolate


No rainy day recipe list is complete without mentioning hot chocolate. Sweet, creamy and chocolate-y, this hot chocolate is best enjoyed with some marshmallows for a wholly luxurious drink.


Masala Oats


If you’re looking for something a bit healthier to warm you up, look no further than our spicy masala oats. Made with instant oats and plenty of chopped vegetables, it doesn’t get easier or yummier than this.


Lonu Kandhi


This lonu kandhi is an easy, spicy rice porridge which can be cooked up in less than an hour. The rice makes it extremely filling while the turmeric and smoked tuna (valhomas) gives it a lovely savoury, meaty taste.


Hikimas Soup Noodles


Easy to whip up and even easier to slurp up, this hikimas soup noodles dish is the ultimate rainy day comfort food. Our version is made by adding light soy sauce and oyster sauce for that lovely umami taste.



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