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Mas Fen


Making Mas Fen is so similar to making Rihaakuru Diya. But, while the Rihaakuru Dhiya tastes a bit pungent and strong because of the Rihaakuru, Mas Fen has a really nice freshness to it.


Serves: 3-4



  • ½ cup valhomas (thin small slices)
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 onion
  • ½ githeyo mirus (or to taste)
  • 15 curry leaves
  • ½ lime (or to taste)
  • ½ tsp. salt (or to taste)



  1. Slice the onion and the githeyo mirus thinly. When slicing the onion, you might want to divide the onion into four parts and then proceed with the slicing. This will make the mixing part much easier. Also, mince the curry leaves.
  2. Place the onions, githeyo mirus and curry leaves in a bowl. Squeeze in the lime and add the salt, and then using your fingers squeeze and mix everything together until the onions become soft and release their juices. If you want to save your fingers from the deadly githeyo mirus burn, use some gloves.
  3. Add the valhomas, and squeeze and mix again.
  4. Finally, add the coconut milk (we used the liquid version that comes in a box) and give it a good last mix. We like our Mas fen on the thicker side so we didn’t add any additional water, but you can of course add some if you prefer it a bit thinner.
  5. Before you call it done, remember to do a taste test and make any final adjustments you want. Also, when you are preparing Mas Fen, we suggest that you make it first and then proceed with preparing the rice and any other goodies. This will allow time for the flavours to combine. If you do this, remember to keep it covered.
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