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Maldivian Recipes: Tuna & Sunshine

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Laced with cumin, coriander, fennel and super hot chillies, made fragrant with rosewater, rampaa leaves, cardamom and cinnamon, the traditional Maldivian cuisine is as much of an adventure for the senses as it is for the palate. We at Lonumedhu spend a considerable amount of time researching authentic Maldivian food so that our recipes are as accurate and as easy to follow as possible. As we continue to look for more recipes, below are 10 of the most popular Maldivian recipes on Lonumedhu so far.


Fen Folhi

Fen Folhi, the Maldivian version of the crepe goes so well with all curries. Making these take so little effort, ingredients and time.


Miruhulee Kukulhu

Since Miruhulee Kukulhu means chicken with chilli, it really is loaded with hot peppers. But if you cut down on the heat, it becomes a rich, coconut flavoured curry.


Mugu Riha

Mugu Riha or dhal curry needs no introduction. Nutritious and simple, it's the curry that goes so well with all other curries.


Kulhi Boakibaa

Traditionally, Kulhi Boakibaa, the Maldivian version of the fishcake is made with rice. Our version uses oatmeal instead and therefore is really quick and easy to prepare.


Mas Riha

This tuna curry recipe uses a little bit of the old school Maldivian curry making techniques.


Mas Roshi

Mas Roshi and black tea, that's all we need for a great afternoon. Our version uses smoked tuna, but do feel free to use canned tuna instead.



It’s safe to say that the simple Masbaiy or tuna rice is one of our most loved rice dishes.



Pirini is such a special dessert that's really, really delicious. Rice, sugar, milk, rosewater, rampa leaf and a sprinkling of cardamom and cinnamon is all it takes.


Kulhi Mas

We can eat Kulhi Mas all day everyday! Our recipe for the spicy and dry tuna curry is quite simple since your blender would be doing most of the work.


Chicken Biriyani

Maldivian Chicken Biriyani

Our version of the chicken biriyani is rather old school Maldivian with no packaged biriyani spice mixes. The procedure is rather long and tedious, but we can assure you that the results are going to be just superb.






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