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Breakfast Recipes

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Quite a bizarre situation we are in these days. Yes. And we hope you guys are being responsible about it. Staying home, washing hands and taking care of each other.

Anyway, we’ve rounded up some breakfast recipes you can try out while at home. After all there’s no school, and for a lot of us there’s no office to rush to in the morning.


Barabo Mashuni

Don’t you just love a good ‘Mas huni’ for breakfast? While ‘Mashuni’ can be made from so many things like eggplants, drumsticks, ridge gourds and so on, here we have the recipe for one of our favourites, ‘Barabo Mas huni’.


Cinnamon pancakes

Our cinnamon pancake recipe comes with a really delicious cinnamon sauce. We love making these on lazy weekend mornings.


Seeni Sambol

Making Seeni Sambol is pretty straightforward. But you’ll have to keep an eye on the onions. You’ll have to cook them slowly so that they turn brown and soft. If you cook them on high heat they’ll turn crispy.


Kulhi Mas

We can eat Kulhi Mas all day long! Our recipe is super quick and simple. Feel free to kick up the chili a notch.


Huni Roshi

If you ask us, Huni Roshi is a breakfast must and we surely can devour a whole lot of them in one go if it’s with some Theluli Rihaakuru.



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