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20 Recipes To Try This Ramadan

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You like eating in general, you make a mental note to finally cook that recipe you found online, sometimes you get around to doing that, sometimes days go by and the recipe just sits there pinned or bookmarked. And then comes Ramazan, and that inner chef of yours that was hibernating for almost a year comes out sparkles and shines and there you are, making great, great food, on repeat. Does this sound familiar? We’ve gone over our entire recipe collection so that you’ll know where to look when inspiration hits.


Sweet Eats

It’s customary to have something sweet and scrummy at ‘Roadhavilla gadi’. They are also often the easiest ones to make.

Milo Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

When it comes to puddings this is as easy as it comes.


Kanamadhu Chocolate Fudge

This one is for all of us who have yet to figure out how to make that perfect kanamadhu cake.


Dhon An’bu Fudge

Another fudge; this time with good old mangoes


Caramel Folhi

Making caramel folhi is sort of as easy as making an omelette.


Roast Paan

Just bread, condensed milk and eggs, doesn’t get any easier than that.


Cream Jehi Banas

It’s our favourite blast from the past.



The delicate pavlova might appear a bit challenging compared to the rest on this list. But, just follow the instructions carefully and you’ll have it under control.


Date Bread

Another one that’s slightly a bit complicated. We see dates everywhere, so we thought we’ll include this one as well.



Savoury Short-Eats

Making this list made us realise that we don’t have too many savoury short eats. So that’s something we are going to work on starting now. And in the meantime, below are the few that we have.

Oatmeal Kulhi Boakibaa

This is the most popular recipe we have here on Lonumedhu so far. It’s quick, easy and quite delicious.


Mas Roshi

We like making our masroshi with valhomas. But you can of course use canned tuna as that would make things slightly a bit faster.



Things you can have with Roshi

If you ask us, roshi is a must at Roadhavilla time. So, here are some things you can have with roshi.

Kulhi Mas

Kulhi Mas is not just for Ramazan, we can have it all day everyday.


Kandu Kukulhu

The chicken of the sea; traditional, spicy and yummy.


Devilled Chicken

Spicy and easy, devilled chicken is one of our favourite ways to enjoy chicken.


Butter Chicken

A little bit fancy, nevertheless easy.


Hanaakuri Mas

Making hanaakuri mas is an aromatic process. You might want to cut down on the chillies on this one as our version is really, really spicy.


Kulhi Riha

Kulhi Riha, needs no introduction and we think every household has its own version. This is ours.



Let’s try something different?

Valhomas Kothu Roshi

Something spicy, something filling. Also we think Kothu Roshi tastes really great when made at home.


Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Tortillas are still a relatively new thing here in Male’. If you want to try something different, we can assure you that this one is quite easy.


Beef & Tomato Pasta

We don’t usually eat pasta at 'Roadhavilla gadi' but here are few reasons why you should try it out: First of all it's delicious. Second, it can be prepared within 30 minutes. And third, is the Pasta Promo Pack that we used for the recipe provided to us by our partner Pyramid. The pack includes pasta, pasta sauce and chopped tomatoes. It's just for MVR 45 and the best thing about it is, when you add a can of corned beef, an onion and some garlic, you can feed around 5 to 6 people conveniently and quite economically.




Lastly, here's our one and only but very delicious, juice recipe:

Mango Passion Fruit Juice

Tangy passion fruit and sweet mangoes, a delicious combination.


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