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10 Recipes To Try This Eid

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As they say, all things come to an end. And as such, Roadhamas has just a handful of days remaining. With Fitr Eid just around the corner, we’ve been a bit excited about Eid lunch; after all, there’s going to be chicken and some great desserts. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most Eid worthy recipes from our collection.


Chicken Biriyani


We are starting off the list with Chicken Biriyani. This recipe is quite traditional and does not include any pre-made spice mixes. The process can be long as there’s a lot of prepping, but we can assure you that in the end you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Of course the spices, the fried onions, the chicken, all of these things do matter. But in our experience the thing that can actually make or break a biriyani is the rice; just don’t let it go mushy.


Tomato Chicken Curry


This one’s for those of you who want to spruce up the good old kukulhu riha a bit. As you can probably deduce from the name itself, the curry is made with lots and lots of tomatoes. Also, if you are wondering how far off this actually goes from a regular chicken curry, let us tell you that it’s not that far; you’ll still be able to taste the familiar chicken curry goodness, but only with a touch of tomato richness.


Easy Chicken Curry


This chicken curry is certainly easy to make, and the main players here are lonumirus havaadhu and tomato paste. But do take note, easy in this case definitely does not mean boring or bland; try it out and you’ll see what we mean.


Lonumedhu Special Chicken


Well you know they say every household has a different way of cooking chicken curry. That thought led us to a series of experiments in the search for our own special version of the chicken curry. Apart from having to toast and grind whole spices, this recipe does not include anything overly complicated. Also, we must say, it’s damn delicious.




Muguriha, the curry that goes so well with all other curries. And quite honestly, we’ll miss it if it weren’t there for lunch on Eid.


Bashi hikiriha


It’s always nice to have some sort of dry curry during Eid lunch; you know something to lend a different kind of bite and flavour.




What can we say? Eid calls for Haluvidhaa, the very special melt-in-your mouth dessert that hits the sweet spot between creaminess, sweetness and jelly likeness.




If we had to choose a dessert for Eid this is going to be it. There’s always something really special about pirini. It’s probably because we are really accustomed to always having it on special occasions. Making pirini is actually quite easy, but you’ll have to keep the rice out in the sun for a few hours.


Saagu Pudding


We should probably start off by telling you that this is not the traditional Maldivian saagu bondibai, but rather a cross between the Thai style sago pudding and our traditional one. It’s really creamy and rich. We actually prefer to eat it while it’s hot, but if you are going to keep this in the fridge for a while, just make sure you cover it properly because a dry saagu is a no-good saagu.




Of course there has to be Satani. It gives the extra crunch and bite, extra juiciness and flavour to almost any meal. Check out some of our favourite versions.




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