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Top 10 posts of 2017

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We at Lonumedhu are saying goodbye to 2017 with a note of thankfulness. Ever since we launched our website in September, our pages were viewed over 46,000 times and for that we are incredibly grateful. While wishing you and your loved ones a blissful year ahead, in no particular order, below are the posts you read most in 2017.


Tomato Chicken Curry

As you can tell from its name, this tomato chicken curry is made with lots and lots of tomatoes. During the cooking, the tomatoes soften and melt, giving the curry a really nice flavour and texture.


Alaya Manik's Munch Me

Our interview with Alaya Manik about her business of buttercreams, fondants, icing sugar and other good things.


Oatmeal Kulhi Boakibaa

Using oatmeal instead of rice makes this kulhi boakibaa quick and easy to prepare. And you don't need to bake this in an oven, you can simply make it over the stove.


Valhomas Kothu Roshi

Making kothu roshi at home is actually really easy.  It’s also a dish that you can quickly put together by using any leftover roshi, meat and vegetables you have at hand.


Zeeba's: A Spoonful of Home

Our interview with Zeeba Saeed, owner of the snug and cheerful Zeeba's Deli & Cafe'.


Milo Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Our version of the chocolate biscuit pudding is made from just a few ingredients; Cadbury Milk Chocolate, Milo, Marie biscuits and some milk.


Fira's Famous Kanamadhu Cake

A chat with Aishath Firasha of Bakes by Fira about her kanamadhu cake and other yummy bakes.


Chocolate Kanamadhu Fudge

A great recipe for the times when you need a quick sweet treat. You can whip it up in less than twenty minutes and all you have to do is melt, mix and chill.



Pirini is such a special dessert. The great part about it is that in addition to being really, really delicious it's also super simple to make. 



We love masbaiy, especially with theluli rihaakuru. Our version uses coconut milk and we really like the creaminess it brings. As for the chilli, feel free to add in as much as you want, ours is on the milder side.


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