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Talking about Garlic

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In this little article, we are going to have a look at a few facts about garlic. After all why not; we are even named after it.


Close relative to the onion

The species garlic belongs to the genus Allium, and garlic's close family relations include the onion, shallots and leeks.


Ancient spice

Humans have used garlic since thousands of years ago. There are reports of the spice being used all over the world including China and Greece of ancient times. It’s also said that garlic was fed to the builders of the great Pyramids of Egypt in the belief that it would increase their strength and endurance.


World’s garlic supply

Garlic is native to Central Asia and north-eastern Iran. According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, world production of garlic was 26.6 million tonnes with China producing 80% of the world’s garlic supply.


Spear leek

The name garlic comes from the Old English word ‘garleac.’ ‘Gar’ means ‘spear’ and  ‘leac,’ means 'leek.' So, together it means ‘spear shaped leek.’



While we almost always associate garlic with food, the sticky juice within the cloves can actually be used as an adhesive for mending glass and porcelain and is particularly effective for small repairs.



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