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Memorable Food Moments of 2020

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This bizarre year is finally coming to an end. And while it feels rather unwise to hold any expectations about the year to come, with a bit of hope and good thoughts we look back at the most memorable food moments of 2020.



Around late March it looked like every home had a designated bread maker. The trend sprang from necessity. Bread supplies were disrupted and people had to adjust. People started baking all sorts of breads ranging from the easy soda bread to beautifully decorated focaccia.


Banana bread

And amidst all this bread making one bread shone like no other, the banana bread; probably because of how easy it was to make and how good it can taste.


Dalgona coffee

So did you partake in this trend where you whip equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water, add milk, take a photo and share it on social media?


Pancake cereal

Who has the time or the patience to make lots of teeny tiny pancakes that you’d serve in a bowl with toppings? We did, when we had days on end to stay home during the lockdown.


Snack boards

We’ve been seeing beautiful snack boards or charcuterie boards all over Instagram. Making snack boards turned out to be a lovely activity for families during the lockdown, which often yielded photogenic results.


Basque burnt cheesecake

The Basque burnt cheesecake was actually a trend from 2019 that stayed around to witness the disasters of 2020. Its signature burnt caramel top and cracked edge gives it a rustic charm while inside, the cake is so creamy and light.



This particular trend was not global, but here in the Maldives, sometime around mid-year, it was impossible to be on social media and not see dumplings.



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