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Kan’dhi: Maldivian Comfort Drink


Kandhi is a traditional Maldivian dessert drink that’s typically served during special occasions like Eid and Ramadan. It’s also a popular comfy drink reserved for rainy days.  

The usual ingredients that go into a kandhi are coconut milk, pandan leaves, ground rice, sugar and jasmine infused water; these days rose water is used instead of jasmine water as it’s sort of hard to get and modern versions of kandhi use cornflour instead of ground rice too.

In addition to these ingredients, a kandhi is always based on a vegetable, root vegetable or a fruit, like cassava (dhandi aluvi), screwpine fruit (kashikeyo), wax gourd (fufoo) or green plantains (maalhoskeyo). Then there’s ‘godhan kandhi’ made with wheat and a savoury version of the kandhi called ‘lonu kandhi’.

Cooking kandhi is an easy feat, making it appropriate for beginner level cooks, and below are three types of kandhi you can try making even today.


Maalhoskeylu Kandhi



Kashikeyo Kandhi



Fufoo Kandhi




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