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Gluten-Free Dessert Options

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by Iyath Adam


A couple of years ago, getting gluten-free desserts in the Maldives might have been a bit of a hassle. But nowadays, getting gluten-free desserts here – at least in the Greater Male’ Area has become considerably easier.


And the best part? You can have a range of options too!


Check out some of our favourite gluten-free dessert options below. 



Brownies by Paan Kaan 


These gluten-free, dark chocolate brownies with no added dairy are just delicious! Topped with chocolate chips, this fudgy dessert will definitely leave you wanting more. 


Kanamadhu Tarts by Bakes by Fira


These delectable treats by Bakes by Fira are little pieces of kanamadhu-y, dark chocolate-y goodness. Made using dhiyaa hakuru or coconut honey and topped with kanamadhu praline, it’ll certainly leave an impression on you! 


Almond Cake by Low


Low’s almond cake is the ultimate, healthier dessert. Made without flour (yes, even whole wheat flour!), added sugar, refined oil or butter, these healthy treats will certainly hit the sweet spot! 

If you’re craving something different, also has some great gluten-free banana bread and double chocolate brownie cake. 

Dark Chocolate Cookies by The Bake Shoppe


The Bake Shoppe’s dark chocolate cookies are made with dark, milk AND white Belgian chocolate and are like a burst of chocolate heaven in your mouth. Chewy, fudgy, and sweet, they’re like bombs of chocolate goodness! 

They also have an absolutely delightful gluten-free chocolate hazelnut cake too – perfect for small celebrations

Pavlova by Lemon


Did you know that pavlova – the queen of desserts – is naturally gluten-free? That’s right. No flour is used in this one, just sugar, egg whites and whipping cream.  

Lemon makes some delicious pavlova; crispy meringue on the outside, filled with airy whipped cream and topped with tangy fruits. Plus, they also have bento sizes available for when you just need a small treat!  

Chocolate Almond Cake by Seagull Café House


This chocolate almond cake by Seagull is the perfect celebratory cake for all your gluten-intolerant loved ones – and for those who aren’t going gluten-free too! Rich, decadent and intensely chocolate-y, this cake is definitely a showstopper for sure. 



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