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Finding Sushi

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by Iyath Adam


Everyone knows where you can get some sushi in Male’/Hulhumale’. But it’s hard to come up with a complete list right when someone asks you.


Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of sushi places here for you – just in case you think you’re short on the list! 




Sushi-Zu only opened last year, but it has definitely made waves as having some different types of sushi – even a vegetarian version! Our personal favourite is their ‘Land & Sea’, a Wagyu beef and prawn sushi with miso, delicious with their tangy ponzu sauce. 

Oishii – the House of Sushi 

You can certainly say that Oishii is the restaurant that brought sushi to the Greater Male’ Area. With over 20 types of sushi available, there’s something for everyone, no matter your preference! 

Zeen’s Cuisine

Zeen’s Cuisine offers a selection of handmade, specialty sushi – all with cooked ingredients and carefully decided fusions. They also have a dessert sushi, reminiscent of mango sticky rice, certainly worth trying out! 


Shellbeans offers four types of maki rolls – the traditional seaweed-rolled sushi – chicken, smoked salmon, tempura prawn and imitation crab – perfect to remedy a quick craving of sushi! 

Elisha’s Deli 

Instagram food page, Elisha’s Deli delivers homemade sushi, great for when you just want to have some sushi at home.  The pieces are bit bigger than traditional bite-sized sushi, but that just means there’s more to eat! 

Elisha’s Deli also offers delicious kimbap – the Korean version of sushi made from all cooked ingredients – with crab stick, tuna, salmon, and chicken. 

High Tide Restaurant 

With maki rolls and different nigiri available, High Tide has definitely made an impact on us with their delectable options. The picturesque rooftop view also makes it a great place to have a sushi date night! 

Red Snapper & Coffee Beans 

Red Snapper & Coffee Beans has some great sushi – but what we really love is the mango sauce which adds a delectable sweetness to each sushi, which goes really well with the soy sauce and pickled ginger on the side! 



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