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Did You Say Aglio e Olio?

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by Iyath Adam


Aglio e olio. This classic Italian pasta has just two main ingredients; olive oil and garlic. But we Maldivians have certainly put our own spin on it. Here, we bring to you some places with the tastiest aglio e olio we’ve had in Male’ and Hulhumale’.



Central Park Café & Bistro – Hulhumale’

If you’re looking for a comforting, heaping dish of pasta, then the seafood aglio olio at Central Park Café is definitely worth checking out. The seafood is abundant in this dish which has a lovely umami, spicy taste. 



Meltz – Male’ and Hulhumale’

Although Meltz is better known for their Belgian chocolate desserts, the café also has a great selection of savoury and main dishes. One of them is this to-die-for spaghetti aglio e olio chock full of garlic flavour, good olive oil and pieces of tender chicken. 



Thyme Bistro and Pressery – Male’

No pasta list would be complete without mentioning Thyme – a long-time pasta hub in Male’. 

The prawn aglio e olio spaghetti at Thyme is a little bit creamy and cheesy with the taste of the prawns infused well into the pasta. The garlic taste is not overpowering and is balanced well with the olive oil. 

For those of you who are not into seafood, Thyme’s spaghetti & valhomas dish is also reminiscent of aglio e olio with valhomas (Maldivian smoked tuna), black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese. 



Meer Food – Male’

Garlicky, spicy and a little herby, the grilled chicken aglio olio at Meer Food is a classic – and a sight to behold! If you’re looking for a tasty, filling lunch or dinner, then this is definitely the dish to try. 

For something different, check out Meer’s prawn aglio olio which has a light lemon flavour to it. 



Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Male’ and Hulhumale’

The seafood aglio e olio at Gloria Jean’s is definitely a comfort dish. Full of different types of seafood including mussels, prawns and calamari, this dish will definitely fill your belly and have you coming back for it again. 

All pasta dishes at Gloria Jean’s comes with a side of Parmesan cheese, fried garlic chips and chilli flakes so you can adjust it to your taste – a definite bonus!



Sauced Up by Lucies – Male’ 

Sauced Up by Lucies has aglio e olio pasta with the option of either pan-fried prawns or chicken. The slightly fried garlic chips and dried chillies in the dish give it a deep garlic flavour which goes really well with both the prawns and the chicken – creating a perfect bite of aglio e olio. 




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