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Cooking with Plantains

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As you can tell by simply looking at them, plantains are members of the banana family. But they are starchier and contain way less sugar. And because of their starchiness, they are seldom eaten raw. When green they are very much like potatoes, although a bit starchier, and when they ripen and turn yellow, they become sweeter.

Plantains are indigenous to South East Asia and Oceania and are a staple food in many traditional cuisines including Latin, African and Caribbean cuisines.

In the Maldivian cuisine, green plantains, or 'Maalhoskeyo' as we call it, are used for both savoury and sweet dishes and below are a few ways to enjoy them in a very Maldivian way. But perhaps the most Maldivian way to enjoy them would be to boil some and devour it with a typical Dhivehi meal like 'Garudhiya-baiy' or 'Rihaakurudhiya-baiy.'


Kiru Keyo

Kirukeyo is a delicious Maldivian traditional dessert drink made from maalhoskeyo (green plantains) and coconut milk. It’s very similar to a kan’dhi and just as tasty, except it’s a bit thicker and glossier. We love our kirukeyo with the usual hedhikaa (short eats) at teatime along with a good warm cup of black tea. 


Maalhoskeylu Hikiriha

Fried green plantains are cooked in a spicy gravy in this lovely dry curry.


Maalhoskeylu Kan’dhi

Kan'dhi is a really delicious porridge like dessert drink and you should definitely give it a go if you haven't already. Kan'dhi can be made from a variety of vegetables including winter melons and so on, and we think it's particularly yummy when made with green plantains.



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