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Chocolate Smitten: Palato Frosty's

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Written by Naifa Zahir

Walking into Palato Frosty’s we were struck by their rustic ambiance and minimal décor. There were potted plants hanging from the ceiling, a little corner for books, a sign by the bar that read “if coffee and chocolate can’t fix it, you really have a problem,” a sign that put forth their specialty in coffee and chocolate.

We were greeted with a huge smile from the barista, as she took our orders; a hot chocolate and a hazelnut cupcake. We settled into our seats as Frank Sinatra played in the background, echoing off the plain concrete walls, enhancing the ambiance twenty fold. The table we settled at was the most distinct one in Palato Frosty’s, a huge table that matched the bare walls. The table looked as if it were an extension of the wall, with huge vases with large plants set on its center. And around it were tall stools on which we made our seats. Our order arrived almost immediately, set on a gleaming slate of wood engraved with ‘Palato Frosty’s.’

Taking a sip of the hot chocolate, the first thing that hit us, of course, was the chocolate. No sugar was added, we noticed from the first sip, instead we were confronted by the chocolate smooth and melting, on our tongues. The richness of the chocolate ganache they used really hit the spot; it had the perfect consistency of being neither too thick nor too thin. Laced with the milk that deepened the taste of the chocolate, it could very well be called an ideal cup of hot chocolate.

The hazelnut cupcake was a delightful experience as well. The crunchy hazelnut sprinkling on the top had a pleasant crunch coming in with the rich chocolate of the cupcake.

Our visit to Palato Frosty’s was definitely a chocolaty experience, one we would like to indulge in again and again.


Some time back, we also caught up with Palato Frosty's co-owner Aishath Nishath Ali Fahmy (Aisha) to have a chat about her café and her other foodie experiences. So read below if you want to find out more.

Palato Frosty's: Aisha Loves Chocolate


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