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The Towering Burgers at Khalid’s Burger

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by Iyath Adam

We recently tried out Khalid’s Burger, a relatively new joint that has already become well-known for their premium, towering burgers with juicy patties.

Walking in, the place was warmly lit and gave off a distinct beach vibe with a cool blue interior and white and wooden seating. The wooden tables, white leather booth seats and lettered windows gave the place the feel of a diner.

We sat down and the server was quick to provide us with a menu. After much pondering, we decided to order a Pulled Beef Burger and a Nashville Hot Buttermilk Chicken Burger. We also ordered a starter of Hot Spicy Chicken Wings. We especially loved the fact that the server gave us all the time we needed to decide.

Although we were expecting to wait for a bit, the food came quite quickly. And it was an impressive sight!

First, the starter – the Hot Spicy Chicken Wings. Surprisingly, the wings were not hot or spicy, but had a lovely maple saucy sweetness to them and went well with the cheese. Not what we were expecting, but nevertheless delicious.

The Pulled Beef came – as advertised – with a beef patty, and a portion of pulled beef with the classic toppings (with a twist) of Don Khalid’s special chilli mayo, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, jalapenos, pickles, onion rings, and caramelised tomato. The burger was delicious, the pulled beef was juicy, the beef patty perfectly done, and the toppings complemented the burger perfectly.

The Nashville Hot Buttermilk Chicken was an absolute tower! About two pieces of massive, deep-fried chicken with Nashville sauce, Don Khalid’s special mayo, cheddar and gouda cheeses, caramelised onions, and pickles. Although the crumb was a bit overdone than we’d like, the chicken itself was juicy and went well with the caramelised onions and cheeses.

Both burgers came with a portion of fries, crispy fresh from the fryer. And we were also provided with some polythene gloves which made instant sense once we started eating. These burgers are massive and eating them will be a messy affair. Be warned!

At MVR 200 plus, the burgers are on the pricier side, but definitely worth trying. We certainly recommend Khalid’s Burger for the next time you’re looking to go for a splashy night out!


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