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Terrafika’s Chocolate Pie; it’s terrific!

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Last year, Terrafika’s cookies earned a reputation as one of the best in town. After trying their treats, we can happily attest to that. You may think they’re too small if you’ve just seen photos on Instagram, but these cookies are actually quite chunky and ample. Each cookie packs a punch in terms of textures and flavours.

With a crunchy exterior that crumbles in the mouth and a soft chewy interior, Terrafika’s cookies are the perfect accompaniment to coffee dates or evening tea.


The name is based on the Swedish fika, which means taking a break for coffee or tea with a bite to eat. Fika is a moment to slow down and catch up with family and laugh with friends.

The online page is filled with mouth-watering photos of decadent munchies and unique bites. We love anything chocolate so we just had to try their newest addition to the menu: a chocolate pie!


The Oreo crust is filled with a rich chocolate pudding. It’s silky smooth and decadent. The whipped cream topping elevates the richness of the chocolate. The topping is airy with just the right amount of sweetness. The texture reminds you of a tiramisu. We recommend this to all chocolate lovers.

The pie comes in two sizes: 5-inch and 7.5-inch. We got the smaller one but it was still big enough to share amongst four, maybe even more if you aren’t greedy.


Fellow chocolate lovers are sure to enjoy their campfire s’mores cookies, too. Topped with a toasted marshmallow, they are stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows that melts in your mouth as you take a bite.


There’s a lot more to choose from like their delicious white chocolate and raspberry bars and fudgy chocolate brownies. A banana cream pie was recently introduced. Based on Terrafika’s other goodies, we expect it to be nothing short of utter deliciousness.





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