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Tarts by Tart for You

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We recently tried out tarts from tartforyou.mv and boy, was it good! 


Sweet flavours include classics such as chocolate almond, frangipane, red velvet cream cheese and fruit custard tart as well as contemporary flavours such as gabulhi (young coconut), kashikeyo (screwpine fruit), pandan, blueberry lime, mango and more. Savoury tart flavours available from Tart for You include mushroom, prawns, potato, and chicken quiches amongst a few. 


For our tasting, we decided to go with five flavours of tart: mushroom quiche, passionfruit, chocolate almond, fruit custard and gabulhi. All tarts had a crunchy, buttery tart shell – except for the chocolate almond tart which had a chocolate-flavoured shell.

First off, the mushroom quiche was abundant with mushrooms, and just a little bit cheesy and went well with the slight sweetness of the tart shell. The passionfruit one was absolutely heavenly with a sour lemon curd filling and passionfruit jelly on top – if you’re a fan of citrus-y tastes this one’s definitely a champion! Next up, the fruit custard was topped up with slices of kiwi, mandarins and blueberries, which added a tang to the sweet custard filling.

The chocolate almond tart was topped with Malteser candies and had a chocolate pudding-like filling which, though tasty, lacked an almond flavour for us. Last up, the gabulhi tart – utterly unique, with shredded bits of gabulhi in a thick filling was a fresh burst of textures and completely delicious!


If you’re looking for something other than a classic cake for an occasion or a sweet treat to share with your friends and family, these tarts are perfect. Not only do Tart for You offer three sizes of tarts – tartlets, 4-inch mini tarts and 8-inch tarts, but they also offer custom tart cakes in the shape of letters and numbers too!




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