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Sushi at High Tide Restaurant

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by Iyath Adam


Located on the beachside road at Hulhumale’, High Tide Restaurant is a cosy rooftop space, set atop boutique hotel, Seasalter Maldives. 

The restaurant has a great view overlooking the ocean and a warm ambience to the place. Wooden tones and lots of greenery give the place a relaxed, beachy vibe. 

The menu is extensive, featuring drinks, desserts, and many different types of mains. But what’s most striking is the dedicated gluten-free and vegan menu – something you don’t often see in restaurants in the Maldives. While interesting, that’s not what we’re here for. We came for the sushi! 

High Tide has a great sushi menu, with different types of maki rolls, sushi, and sashimi. We chose to go with three types of maki: prawn tempura, spicy fresh tuna, and dragon maki. 

The service was relatively fast, and the waiters were friendly and accommodating. 

Now, onto our review! 

The prawn tempura with avocado, cream cheese and lettuce seemed like a type of sushi known as ‘uramaki or ‘inside out roll.’ The freshness of the vegetables with the distinct taste of the prawns made for a great, hearty bite. 

The dragon maki comes with tempura chicken and a spicy mayo filling. The seaweed-wrapped roll is also deep-fried in a tempura batter which added a different texture and taste to the sushi. It went really well with the umami taste of the soy sauce. 

Perhaps the most interesting sushi was the spicy fresh tuna maki – rolls of cucumber and salad topped with thinly sliced tuna. The tuna had a lovely, spicy taste and the contrasting texture with the rice and the tuna on top was surprisingly refreshing.

To wrap up, we also tried this unusual mocktail called Spice Haven – a spicy (yes, you heard that right), tangy, zingy drink. The aftertaste of chillies, mixed with the carbonated and lemon-y soda was a great accompaniment to the sushi. 

High Tide Restaurant is great as a dinner spot with friends or even for date night. And, we definitely recommend that you try out the sushi! 



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