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Restaurant Iftar menus we are excited about

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Written by Marjan Thuthu. Photos by GG's Kitchen & Bistro, Mamak Hulhumale', Jazz Cafe', The Space, Moti Mahal Maldives.

For those who want to splurge a little, take a break from the cooking and enjoy a ‘roadha villun’ with friends or family at a restaurant, there’s certainly no shortage of options here in Male’ and Hulhumale’.

Below, we’ve made a list of the five places we are most excited to check out this Ramazan.


GG’s Kitchen & Bistro

GG’s Kitchen & Bistro is where you go for authentic Moroccan and Russian fare. And true to their theme, GG’s has a different Iftar menu for every day of the week that features items such as rfissa, m’semen with cheese and honey, chebakia, shakshouka and baba ghanoush.

The prices range from MVR 269 to MVR 289 per person; they also offer 30 per cent off on tagines when you order it as an add-on to your iftar meal. If you are planning to drop by GG’s to break your fast, do remember to call ahead and make your booking.

Alternatively, there’s a takeaway menu that includes rfissa, harira soup and a variety of tagines. Tagine prices range from MVR 250 to MVR 335 with lamb being the most expensive, and you have to call before 3pm to place your orders.

Check them out from their pages on FB and Instagram.


Mamak Hulhumale’

With the per person rate at MVR 129++, this is the most affordable option on our little list.

Mamak Hulhumale’ is known for their Malay themed food and on their iftar menus are items such as roti canai, teh tarik, Mamak special rice noodles, paprik chicken stir fry, biriyani, roti milo, roti bom and butter chicken koththu.

They too have rotating menus; one for Sundays and Tuesdays, one for Mondays and Wednesdays and one for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Iftar meals are free for children under 3 and half price for kids under 10.

They also have a minimalist takeout menu too at MVR 60++, which includes roti canai, curry of the day, dhal curry, shredded grilled chicken, a cinnamon roll and watermelon juice.

Check them out from their pages on FB and Instagram


Jazz café’

Jazz Café’s Iftar offerings have some very familiar options such as roshi and mas-huni along with dishes such as green chicken curry, bell pepper beef stir fry, pandan cake and sticky date pudding.

Price per person is MVR 200 through out the week except for Saturdays and Mondays, on which the price is MVR 225 and you get braised lamb as well as BBQ chicken.

You have to confirm your ‘roadha villun’ by midnight the previous day, and also the meal is free for every 11th person in a group and for children under 7.

Check them out on FB and Instagram


The Space

The Space has an Italian themed menu for Sundays and Tuesdays at MVR 280, a Mediterranean menu for Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays at MVR 295 and an Asian menu for Monday and Wednesday at MVR 280.

The Italian menu has items such as bruschetta, beef lasagne, baked lemon chicken and tiramisu and the Asian menu has dishes such as the Maldivian kandu kukulhu and roshi, orange chicken, stir fried noodles, faiy mas-huni and bread pudding. The Mediterranean menu has beef kebab, chicken kebab, Arabic chicken and rice, chickpea falafel, hummus, fattoush, among others.

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Moti Mahal Maldives

Moti Mahal Maldives is our very recent Indian find and we certainly enjoyed a satisfying feast the last time we dropped by.

Things like butter chicken, naans, biriyanis, chicken tikka masala, mutton rogan josh, mutton vindaloo, gulab jamun, phirini, sheer khurma, these were what we found on their rotating iftar menus.

Prices are at MVR 275 per person on all days of the week except for Thursdays and Fridays, on which it’s MVR 300. If you book for 10 you get 1 free too.

Check them out on FB & Instagram.


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