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Pizza Mia – Bigger and Better!

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by Iyath Adam

After a hiatus, Pizza Mia – the famed ‘Qualita Originale’ pizza place – reopened mid-last year in Hulhumale’. This week, we check out their new premises and food.

The new establishment is bigger, and seating is available on two floors with both outdoor and indoor seating available. There are tables for two, four or even six with options for bigger groups as well. And the coolest thing? The ground floor seating area has a full view of the inside of the kitchen where you can see your pizza being made!

We chose to sit on the second floor, indoor seating which, despite being a big space, was abuzz with people. The staff were attentive and were quick to provide us with a menu; other than their signature pizzas – available with several different toppings – Pizza Mia also serves pasta, dessert, and drinks.

We opted to go for a half and half; Signature Pizza with thinly sliced beef, arugula and Parmesan cheese and the spicy Diavola Pizza with beef salami, bell pepper and mozzarella., both with thin crust. Unfortunately, none of the desserts – other than ice cream were available – although the options included Italian classics, tiramisu, and panna cotta.

The pizza took a little longer to arrive – probably because of the Friday night crowd – but it was certainly worth the wait! The Signature Pizza half, especially, was beautiful to look at with the splash of green on it and a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. The Diavolo looked more like a classic pizza with stringy mozzarella and the beef pepperoni peeking though on the crust.

Now, for our verdict!

The Signature Pizza was an entirely different experience. The umami of the balsamic vinegar sauce along with the saltiness of the beef and the freshness of the arugula on the thin, crispy crust made for a lighter pizza without compromising the lovely taste. The shavings of Parmesan cheese also added a slight sharpness to each slice.

The Diavola – which literally translated to ‘spicy’ in Italian – was a more classic looking pizza with melted mozzarella on top, along with the bell pepper and beef salami. Although it wasn’t AS spicy as we were expecting, there was still a fiery taste to it which was refreshing.

The pizzas were large and could have easily fed around 2-3 people and overall, it was just delicious!

If you want an easy date night out or even to hang out with your friends, we think Pizza Mia is definitely worth trying out.


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