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Palato Frosty’s “Not Your Regular” French Donut

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by Iyath Adam

Palato Frosty’s – home of the Belgian chocolate waffle we all love – released a French cruller donut late last year, and we’ve finally got around to trying it.

Their French cruller donut – according to their Instagram page – is “baked, filled with vanilla pastry cream and dipped in Belgian chocolate, topped with anything you want.” The range of toppings include crushed nuts to coffee glaze and cookie chunks.

We opted for the box of four which came with a different topping on each – crushed hazelnut, crushed pistachio, chocolate pearls and cookie chunks. We ordered via Instagram – both pick-up and delivery options are available. We opted for the delivery and were definitely happy with their response and delivery rates.

Onto the actual tasting!

As advertised, the crullers were full of the loveliest vanilla pastry cream – sweet with a distinct yet non-overpowering vanilla flavour. The cream worked very well together with the choux pastry and Belgian chocolate. The choux pastry was light and airy, exactly the way it is supposed to be. We are also happy to report that there was more than enough glaze and pastry cream to go around and enjoy.

The four toppings provided different layers of textures to the donuts, balancing out the sweetness of the pastry cream and the Belgian chocolate glaze.

The French cruller donuts are available in boxes of four and boxes of six. Other than the four toppings we got to try, Palato’s also offers four other toppings – churronut (with cinnamon sugar on top), coffee glaze, chocolate flakes and a duo Belgian chocolate swirl.

If you’re looking for an indulgent snack to share with your friends, then the cruller boxes are definitely for you. I mean, how wrong can you go with Belgian chocolate and sweet vanilla pastry cream?


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