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Noodles got exciting!

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Is it just us or is noodles becoming a thing in our local food scene?

We are not talking about the usual fried noodles made with instant noodles that come with various meat options because we’ve been eating that from local restaurants for ages. We are actually getting a bit hyped about the availability of laksas, ramens, pad thais, phos and so on. So below we’ve rounded up some exciting noodle options from the greater Male’ area. Read on, get hungry!


Bowl’d’s Korean bulgogi chicken noodle bowl

Bowl’d’s bulgogi chicken meatball noodle bowl is topped with wonton chips, seaweed crisps, sesame, scallions & fried egg.


Hungry Chimp’s Thai drunken noodles

Pad Kee Mao or Drunken Noodles is a popular Thai dish that’s made from flat rice noodles. You can get it with chicken or beef and they say they’ll adjust the spice level to your liking as well.


Blood Orange’s Bolaksa

Their laksa soup ‘Bolaksa’ includes rice noodles, chicken, prawn, soft boiled egg, beansprouts, bok choy, mushrooms and their housemade chili paste.


The Keyolhu’s Laksa

The spicy Southeast Asian noodle soup laksa seems to be available from The Keyolhu too.


Noodle House’s dish of the month

Noodle House does things a bit differently. They have a monthly special noodle dish and last month’s dish Khao Soi was a real winner. We are so looking forward to what’s on for this month.


Seagull Café’s Ramen

Noodles in a spicy chicken broth topped with grilled chicken, spring onions, carrots, chilli, coriander, red onion, baby spinach and lime.


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