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New Desserts at Hotel Jen’s Azur

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Dear folks with serious sweet teeth, this article is for you!

Hotel Jen’s introducing six new desserts at their romantic rooftop restaurant Azur and below, we’ve written all about it. Apart from the desserts being drop dead decadent, they are also yummy options for those wishing to go nut free, gluten free or egg free. So, read on.


100% Molten Chocolate

This one is for all you die hard chocoholics and as the name suggests it’s all chocolate, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a caramelised white chocolate. The dessert is quite like a lava cake; when you cut into it the warm chocolate goodness oozes out.  


Café Cream

A spin on the classic tiramisu, Café Cream is a cappuccino parfait with mascarpone cheese. The gluten free dessert is finished off with an espresso shot that’s to be poured over the dessert. Quite a caffeine kick if you ask us.


Local Delight

The local favourite Kanamadhu cake (sea almond cake) is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramelised condensed milk sauce.



As the name suggests, this dessert is a play on the British classic banoffee pie. Banana cream, caramel jelly and brownie layers are enclosed in a tempered chocolate coating.


Tropical Dream

Perhaps the most eye catching of the desserts, Tropical Dream features fresh fruits such as dragon fruit and kiwi, a coconut ice cream, a passion fruit soaked bake, and a caramel tuile.


Summer Berry and Cheese

Last but certainly not the least, Summer Berry and Cheese is Jen’s signature cheesecake, not to be missed by cheesecake lovers.


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