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Meltz Hulhumale’ – Where Everything’s Good

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by Iyath Adam


For our Eating Out article this time, we check out Meltz Hulhumale’ – and part of the Meltz chain of restaurants.


Located on Nirolhu Magu, Goalhi 6 – a cosy street lined with food establishments on both sides – the space is quite big and has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, along with a small relaxation nook inside as well. There is also a counter area outside where you can get ready-to-go desserts like cookies and cakes. 


Meltz is well known for their Belgian chocolate waffle – along with other Belgian chocolate sweet creations such as brownies, crepes, lava cakes etc… but apart from every kind of doughy chocolate creation available, they also have a pretty extensive dining menu with sweet and savoury breakfast options, starters, rice, pasta, burger, and meat dishes as well as different types of drinks. The menu covers a wide range of cuisines from Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, and Italian. 


The waiters are attentive and eager to help you figure out anything on the menu, be it checking the availability of certain food options or adjusting the dish a little bit to fit your palette. 


We opted to go for the aglio olio with chicken and the mixed dolphin koththu – made with paratha instead of roshi, the Maldivian flatbread. For dessert, we went with their chocolate brownie crepe. 


The food took a little while to arrive, but it was definitely worth it!


The aglio olio spaghetti hits all the right notes; garlicky, salty and a little spicy with pan-fried dried chillies and grilled chicken. The chicken was absolutely tender and went well with the simple (yet complex tasting) pasta.


The mixed dolphin koththu is both savoury and a little sweet with a host of beef and chicken pieces. Served with a sunny side up egg, the kottu was flavourful and great for if you want to try something new yet comforting and familiar. 


Now, onto dessert!


The chocolate brownie crepe – exactly as the name sounds – is a crepe made with a thin layer of brownies inside and absolutely smothered in Belgian milk chocolate. The portion size is small enough so you can enjoy the richness of the dessert without it being cloying or even good to share if you just want a little something to curb your chocolate cravings. 


Overall, we really liked the space and food at Meltz Hulhumale’ and we’ll be going back to try more of their dishes – the delicious array of sweet treats if nothing else!


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